1. Ronny

    Warwick Amp v.s. Hartke LH Series?

    What do you all think? I have been pondering what I should buy for my new rig. I really like the sound of Hartke's LH500 or 1000, though people say the Extreme head is very good. I don't know... But I've gotten opposite feedback on TalkBass about the Warwick Extreme head. They say it's a bit...
  2. B

    Blue Book Value of you amp!

    Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers - Google Books Check it out.
  3. BassRunner911

    Amp for Basketball Arena

    Hey guys, maybe someone can help me out...I usually play clubs and bars and cafes...smaller venues like that. My 500w 1x15 works for that... I'll be playing at a few basketball arenas and i'm pretty sure i'll need a bigger amp. Forget brands....any suggestions on cab size and head wattage...
  4. saturnine

    Amp shopping....

    This is the last thread i start with my stupid questions i promise. I've been looking around for a new rig, plugging into everything and harassing local music stores. I am definately sure that i prefer the tubey goodness to solid state. I liked the sound of the Pro tube... how do these...
  5. Eberbachl

    Warwick 150 Amp Head Combo!

    Hi guys, Just browsing eBay last night, and found this little beauty, so I slapped a bid on it for fun. Woke up this morning to find I won the auction! :lol: The amp's in Germany, and I'm in Australia :d ...Shipping will only be 32 Euro, so that's cool. I know nothing about this combo...
  6. NZ Bassman

    Line out vs DI

    Hi - My band has got another power amp & crossover for the PA and we are now running the 18" subs. So we've started putting a Mic's on the drums and running a line from my Profet 5.1 to the PA At the moment all I am using is a standard jack to jack instrument lead and running that from the...
  7. NZ Bassman

    WCA 411 Pro 8 ohms horn problem?

    I'm pretty sure the cabinet I have is the WCA 411 Pro 8 ohms. When I first bought it, I used it with my old Yamaha Motion B Bass, and when the horn was turned up it produced a loud crackling / static sound. The man at the music shop said it is because my bass was not 'earthed' properly. I...
  8. NZ Bassman

    Profet 5.2 and cabinets

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here after 2 years of owning A warwick bass amp! I have a Warwick Profet 5.2 and the matching black 600w 4x10 cabinet (can't remember the model no) I would like to add on another cabinet - probably a 2x10, mainly because with the deep / bass switch I get...
  9. trujo777

    Need help choosing an amp!!

    I recently snagged a Warwick Extreme 10.1 an I am trying to decide between this and the Quantum 600 from Hughes & kettner I have. I do not know which to pick. I am going to attach copies of the manual.s could somebody please help me decide?
  10. R

    Can fog machines cause an amp to cut out?

    I JUST bought a Markbass Little Mark II. My GK blew up. I had an outdoor gig this past saturday. My amp kept cutting out! But at the time, I didn't know if it was my Corvette that was causing the problem or cables because after the gig, I plugged my bandmate's PRS in and it worked..When I got...
  11. B

    Which Warwick amp for Thumb NT fretless

    Hello. Which Warwick combo amp is best for reproducing the growl of the Warwick NT fretless thumb bass? Which larger Warwick amp head? Thank ;you. Bass65
  12. ectoflanger

    Practice/small venue amp recommendation

    Looking for a recommenation. Warwick Blue series? Take 12?
  13. JHbass

    New Amp Time!

    Hey everyone, Time to splurge on a new amp! Im thinking about A warwick Pro FET 5.1 head and a 411 cab. Can you guys share your experiences with these? Also are these good for Technical Death Metal (ex. Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Severed Savior) and Prog./Lighter Metal (ex...
  14. Andrew O

    You say its a fullrange amp, now make it!

    I've dreamed of owning a hellborg like many of you, but what bugs the crap out of me is they advertise it as a "full range amp" while it only responds (at the lowest frequency) at 50 hz. Why not make something that responds at 20 Hz?! I've looked and the lowest I can find is 35 Hz (Dr. Bass...
  15. justice720

    best amp for rockbass basic4 under 300

    Last august I cut the tip of my left middle finger off. Since I'm more of a rhythm player I've decided to switch to a lefty bass. This WARWICK ROCK BASS CORVETTE BASIC 4 (active):twisted: is my first bass. I plan on playing punk, metal.. indie and classics.. since I'm new to bass I'd like an...
  16. V

    pre amp fried on my Thumb

    I'm getting all sorts of crackling and buzzing (intermittent but bad), on my 2006 Thumb NT. Spoke with Dana B Goods. They're not handling Warwick any more, but sent me to Davitt and Hanser. D & H aren't set up yet with Warwick replacement parts. This is really dissapointing, as this is my...
  17. WVH

    Help me pick my new bass amp

    Hey guys, not sure if I should have posted this somewhere else in the forum but here it goes. I am in the market for a new bass amp. I currently have a Fender bassman 400 pushing two (individual) McCauley 15's. The rig sounds pretty decent, but as I am evolving into to bass player I feel the...
  18. The Kool-Aid Kid

    Trading on CL - Anybody heard of this amp?

    Someone hit my ad on Craigslist to sell my MIM Fender Jazz ($470 new, has some small dents in it now) and offered to trade a "Peavey 300 Combo w/ 15" Black Widow" straight up for my bass and gig bag. I was asking $300... Anybody had any experience with these? If it's in good shape would that...
  19. G

    Pro IV bass amp mute switch

    How to disable Pro IV bass amp mute switch which randomly turns on and can only then be turned off by cutting the power .
  20. Stefan79

    amp cab setup

    Hi I was thinking of buying a ProFet 5.2 amp. What type of cab/cabs would be a good setup to rock with a drummer and a guitarist mostly rock/metal?
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