1. Spot

    I need an Amp

    Hi! Im playing some metal with friends and im looking to buy an amp. Our drummer play really hard and loud and we have 2 guitars, both guitarist have a 100w marshall head and a 4x12 marshall cab, so i need something enough strong to actually be able to hear myself. I dont have a lots of...
  2. JHbass

    My New Amp!

    I bought this from my bass teacher today, I am VERY happy! :D <a></a>
  3. Andrew O

    The official andrew o amp question thread

    I've been having alot of questions lately, so i'm gonna just make a thread. As of now, I'm looking at a dr.bass 610 (all 610's i played have the sound i'm going for). and i was looking at some new amps (like the genz benz shuttle max) and I started to think, biamping would be cool. It says it...
  4. S

    profet 3.2 one chinch one speakon cab plugged into amp?

    Hello, i just bought this amp new and i wonder if... Can i connect one cab with the chinch input and one with the speakon? Both cabs are 8ohm... Greetz Stylemase
  5. P

    Amp selection for SS2

    I apologize for making another amp thread but I too plan on buying one. Thing is, I want Dirk's sound. It's so large and I looked it up on guitar geek and apparently his setup is colossal. I'm talking 4 4x10 eden cab's and 2 1x18 cabs. Not to mention the 2 2x10 stage monitors and the preamp/...
  6. Andrew O

    Andrew's next bass amp! pt.2!

    Speaker cabinet size. Please read pt 1 to get an idea of the sound i'm going for. EDIT. i forgot to add i like to use alot of pedals, and pitch shifting (especially an octave dowm/up). a synth is on my list to buy someday too.
  7. Andrew O

    Andrew's next bass amp?!

    I'm having trouble deciding my next possible bass amp (i love birthday and christmas money!). so, here is a poll to help! I want something really tiny, light weight and have a even sound. I want it to be punchy from far away, and have a big, clear fundamental, punchy midrange, and clear top...
  8. nizzrooster

    What the HEAVEN is wrong with my amp?!?!?!?!

    I have a problem with my Ampeg B-3 158 combo. Every time I hit a note the amp buzzes. The buzzing is a lot more noticable when I play a high note but it's there even with the low ones. It sounds like something inside is loose (?) but I really have no idea what it is. Does anybody have any advice...
  9. mart

    Amp placement

    I know you guys are open to some stupid questions, so let me put a really stupid question to you all: where should I put my amp? Most people on the forum seem to use big stacks so this probably won't be an issue to them, but I play in quieter settings and a modest combo (100W) is plenty loud...
  10. M

    Got My First Warwick Amp Yesterday!

    yesterday i got a profet 3.2 and a 411 cab and they are both great, especially the cab, in my opinion it sounds better than the ebs classic line cabs that costs three times as much. ive have been trying alot of amps in the same price range as the profet and 411 cab, but none of them sounds as...
  11. joekickass

    Other equipment like Multi effect and Amp

    I sold my Trace Preamp due to the shortage of money....too shame... I just bought a Genz Benz ML200 bass head but still waiting for it, is there any body try it before?? how do you like it, it seems not as famous as Trace Elliiot....I saw a GK 400 bass head on looks good too, how...
  12. peted

    Will Warwick bring out a 'gig bag' digital amp?

    Hi there. I don't post on here often, so excuse me if I break any rules or anything. I've become increasingly interested in all of these tiny little digital switching amps that seem to be coming from manufacturers. The kind of amps that give you around 300-500 Watts and can fit in the front...
  13. Gastrok

    Power Amp Suggestions

    I’m thinking of going a different route with my rig and I’m looking for advice about power amps. For a while now I’ve been using a Tech 21 RBI through my Profet 5.1 to power my 2 x 211 Pro cabs. I think I might like to try taking the Profet out of the single chain and replacing it with a power...
  14. J

    Which amp would you choose?

    well guys, im afraid that i have lost my faith in warwick amps. maybe in the future i will come back to them, but once i send my one back im not gonna get another one for now i dont think. so now i need to look for a new head. what do you think about these two: Eden Nemesis RS400...
  15. J

    terrible amp buzzing

    well, I just received my ProFet 3.2 today, but I am sad to say i am pretty sure it is faulty. It makes a terrible buzzing noise when connected to the cab, or to headphones. There is nothing I can do to prevent it buzzing, it buzzes like crazy regardless of the volume or gain or EQ levels. I do...
  16. Ryugu

    Beginner about a decent starter amp

    hey guys ^^ in a previous post, i mentioned i might go with a roland cb-30 and Eberbachl mentioned a Warwick blue cab 30, any of you guys can give me some hints on the difference between the 2 except the huge price difference? (at least in the shop i plan to buy my stuff :P) since i found...
  17. M

    wich amp

    im looking for an amp with a good clean sound. i dont need alot of fancy eq stuff or anything just more than 200 watt and good sound. i need a cab too but i only got about 750 euro, what do you think would be the best solution? (the 750 is for both the cab and the amp) sorry for my english.
  18. M

    wich amp

    im looking for an amp with a good clean sound. i dont need alot of fancy eq stuff or anything just more than 200 watt and good sound. i need a cab too but i only got about 750 euro, what do you think would be the best solution? (the 750 is for both the cab and the amp)
  19. Andrew O

    Amp Question

    OK, so my old ampeg runs at 16 ohms. Well, I need a new speaker, and i'm looking at the Eminence Basslite 15" (its what ampeg uses now). but it runs at 4 or 8 ohms. Is there anyway i can make this work?
  20. andre

    amp setting (sound off equilizer)

    I use a profett 3.2 (old model) with hartke 4x10 and 1x15 cabs and a streamer 5 string with bartolini´s. I need some eqiluizer settings for some different sounds (how do I set the knobs of the eqiluizer for a jazzsound, rocksound, funksound,metalsound??!! any help would be great...
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