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For Sale or Trade: Warwick Corvette $$ NT Bubinga
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I'm thinking about selling or trading for a 5 strings my beautiful Corvette $$ neck Through with bubinga body.
It Is in very good shape, and in perfect working condition.
There are very few bubinga Corvette NT around, It Is an Amazing instrument and i really had to search a lot for this One, so the Ideal situation for me would be a trade for the same bass but in 5 strings :)
The bass Is located in Italy and It Is available for any kind of test, but it's also available for shipping.

Price: 1299€
For Sale: Warwick Corvette $$ 8-String Special Edition - Nr. 4 of 12
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Your chance to get an extremely rare instrument!

I'm selling a Warwick Corvette $$ 8-String Special Edition. Only 12 basses of this model have been built worldwide. This is #4!

Asking for 4500€ or 4500$. Price is not fixed. I’m open to discuss this

The bass is in excellent condition.

Similiar model is on Reverb for £5000

Some facts about the bass:
- Corvette $$ Doublebuck 8 BK
- US swamp ash body
- Ovangkol neck with wenge fretboard
- 24 jumbo frets
- 34" Long Scale
- 8-string
- 2 MEC Humbucker
- Active MEC electronics
- Black hardware
- Color: Nirvana Black Oil

Gigbag included!

Pick up and testing locally in Stavanger (Norway) preferred, but shipping can be discussed


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