1. joe stuart

    Ampeg Svt Vr

    Selling an SVT VR valve bass amp. Perfect condition was just serviced and re tubed with new sovtech tubes. Comes with a flight case. WARNING - very heavy item if your interested lets talk about shipping. The item is currently in Germany. contact me on here or email me at [email protected]
  2. DiMarco

    New Vanderkley Amp - Spartan

    The new "Spartan" amp will appear in march. 2x800w @ 4ohm. No gain knob. No fxloop. 5band EQ. Spartan. This no frills powerhouse of an amp will no doubt sound hefty and articulate. More info will be posted as it becomes available.
  3. M

    Warwick Wa600, Perfect Condition

    Head in perfect condition. No major signs of usage. Bass head mounted all the time in a rack case. I’m the first owner, bought it three years ago. The only thing that is not working properly is the AUX input, I don’t know why. I actually never used it, just checked if all is working properly...
  4. LPhillips

    Warwick Quadruplet Preamp

    Hi guys, I'm desperately looking for an old Quadruplet preamp if anyone has one kicking around? Cash waiting I'm based in the UK but willing to pay shipping etc.. Cheers Luke.
  5. M

    Warwick Tubepath 10.1 + WCA811ND Cabinet

    For sale: Warwick Tubepath 10.1 Controllable contour in two different characteristics and a clearly arranged tone-control are supplemented by a connectable second stage, which produces the dynamic properties and the sound of a full-tube amp. With the gain-stage, sounds from dynamic-clean and...
  6. S

    FS: Framus Dragon (owned by Uli Roth)

    Framus Dragon Head (owned by Uli Roth) - $1050 shipped to the US (no trades) Very good condition. Bought from Uli Roth's US tour manager here in Arizona. Comes loaded with a matched quad of Electro Harmonix EL34s and JJ 12AX7s. Great clean channel based on the Fender Bassman coupled with...
  7. Frikkn

    Looking for Power amp

    First of all I hope I'm not breaking any rules by not asking something about Warwick amps specifically? My Peavey Tour 700 is starting to give up I think and I've decided to make a slight change to my setup. I have a bass POD XT Live so I thought of just getting my hands on a power amp because...
  8. Augie

    Cleaning an amp

    Is there anything i can do to clean out an old amp? I have heard of flushing pots and blowing the inside out with compressed air but am not sure if its worth it. I just bought a new head on ebay and unless i am severely disappointed i will be selling my old Carvin R1000. I've had it for years...
  9. J

    Warwick Sweet 25.2 - (Serious) sound problem

    Hi, I just found this forum and I think you could be really helpful with a problem I have. I got my Warwick Sweet 25.2 for Christmas, and it always worked well. Since 2 days ago, it started do make a very strange sound, and I connected it to 2 different basses and using 3-4 different cables...
  10. drews

    Everything's gonna sound different (TC RH450)

    Well, My new baby has arrived. Had little time to play with it, but have already found some useful sounds. Let's see what comes up... Couldn't buy the cabinets, shipping WAY TO EXPENSIVE, so I ordered a Warwick 115 pro that should arrive in one week. The MRS. is not very happy, because the...
  11. Thumbfreak

    Fretless Thumb & Hellborg Amp

    Hi all, some samples of a show with full W equipment on stage ! It was our first show that was recorded to make a promo CD It's for the kids, so they can have a different view on ecology. Thanks for watching !
  12. DiMarco

    My new amp arrived this week WAHOOO!

    I spent a lot of time comparing the features and characteristics of the amps that are available today and created a little list of contenders for my new amp to be. I was playing through the trace elliot up till now but I think it sounds too cold and harsh for what I do nowadays. Thus I was...
  13. Genral Specific

    Warwick Amp Cherry Popped!

    Holy Cow! I usually spend my time in the Bass forums, having been completely happy with my Mesa/Boogie 400+ that I have been using for years. As of November of 2009, I have become an official Warwick dealer through Hanser here in the USA. I bought about 5 of the new Profet heads to try and...
  14. Callum

    New amp - Not a hellborg but a tecamp

    I really needed an amp, found one of these on the cheap on basschat, just sent off the cash should hopefully be with me by the end of the week. Kinda bought it blind but all the reviews and comparisons pretty much described what I was after in a amp, that wasn't a hellborg :) Pics and...
  15. Trey

    Amp head + Headphones = ?

    I'm really wanting a professional rig, but I won't be able to get a job to pay for one until I move to Japan (which is in 2010). I'm thinking of taking baby steps and buying one piece of equipment at a time as I get some money. I'm thinking of JUST buying an amp head (solid state) for now, and...
  16. B

    Amp advice

    If everything goes well, next year i should start playing around with my band. Since we've started from scratch I am looking for some advice on buying an amplifier for my vampyre. Any suggestion is welcom, wich one you used to start too, best sound or whatever for small and medium audience...
  17. Mr Praline

    Did a deal on an amp today!

    Finally got rid of my bigass Trace/Peavey 4x10 rig. Trading it for a nice TecAmp PUMA 350.:d
  18. jmsjabb

    Find me an amp

    Hi I have just got my second Warwick, a Corvette, and sold the rock bass. It is now time to sell the Crate and buy a better amp. I am intending to play Soft / mid rock, pop and a little country. I want a small amp, up to 100 - 150w to play at home. I have seen the Ampeg Ba112 and 115, with...
  19. Callum

    New amp decisions - do i really need a hellborg?

    Yep thats right. I'm selling off loads of unused gear in an attempt to downsize to only what i need. I've sold off my eden and my PJB combo is on the way out as well. Meaning i need a new amp. Now much to my surprise i can actually get a hellborg pre-amp + a cheap power amp whilst i save...
  20. Andrew O

    FINALLY! A new amp!

    I finally got an amp with my dream tone. It's crystal clear, warm, fat, punchy, and shakes the pictures off the wall. And thats with the eq set flat! The octaver is great,and its just an overall great amp. It hardly colors my sound at all...any questions, just ask. Oh, and if you're wondering...
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