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Warwick Tubepath 10.1 + WCA811ND Cabinet

Discussion in 'Bass Arena's Classifieds - Archive' started by mikkoen, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. mikkoen


    Jul 24, 2016
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    Warwick Tubepath 10.1

    Controllable contour in two different characteristics and a clearly arranged tone-control are supplemented by a connectable second stage, which produces the dynamic properties and the sound of a full-tube amp. With the gain-stage, sounds from dynamic-clean and natural tube-compression up to crunchy sounds can be realised. Thus, the Tubepath amps are belonging to modern appliances, by which also the vintage sounds of old "tube-bolides" are realisable.

    •Bass top with 1000 watts, 19"/2HU
    •Tube pre-amp with hybrid power-amp, connectable second stage
    •Gain controller with overload LED
    •Controllable contour with ?rough/smooth"-switch for different characteristics Connectable lo- and hi-boost
    •4-band EQ with 2 x 2-fold switchable mid frequencies
    •Parallel FX-loop
    •DI out with pre/post and ground-lift, tuner out, line out
    •Foot-switch connector for second stage on/off and contour on/off

    Further Specs:
    •Weight: 20 kg
    •Dimensions (W/H/D): 19" x 2HU x 37 cm (41 cm with rack-bail)

    Individual price: 1000€ (Shipping not included)

    Warwick WCA 811ND

    Due the low weight these cabinets are very easy to transport, and are therefore - for tone and size the ideal cabinets for touring professional as well as semi Professional players. Because of the depth and size of these cabs they fit well in any size of car or van.

    •Power rating: 1 x 1600W / 4 ohms / 116dB (Mono) or 2 x 800W / 2 x 8 ohms / 113dB (Stereo)
    •8 x 10" Celestion neodymium speaker (200W, 8 ohms, 98dB, resonant frequency: 89Hz, frequency range: 80Hz-5kHz)
    •HF horn with attenuator (power rating 30W, max. 40W, 8 ohms, 95dB, resonant frequency: 2,5kHz, frequency range: 1,2kHz-20kHz)
    •Bass reflex housing

    Further Specs:
    •Weight: 51 kg
    •Dimensions (W/H/D): 0,64 x 1,26 x 0,49 m

    Individual price: 900€ (Shipping not included)

    BOTH PRODUCTS PRICE: 1700€ (Shipping not included)
    *Includes a speakon cable to connect both.

    Quality wise both products are as good as new, with no scratches and barely any use (Only used them live twice). If needed pictures can be provided via email. This product ships from Spain, if you are interested please contact me on m[email protected] with any questions you may come up with and I will be more than happy to answer them all.