1. Triad

    Wolfgang Staab Streamer-style Bass

    Hello! Got this bass in a trade a few months ago... didn't really consider selling it before but I have too much bass gear around. Made in Germany by Wolfgang Staab, pretty famous classical luthier involved into SKC Germany. It's from mid 80s, based on a Spector NS shape (also has the concave...
  2. M

    Streamer LX for sale 2011 (natural)

    Here we have my lovely Streamer LX, which is being sold because im not using it, and Im going to buy another Wick from the shooooooop!!! German built 2011 Flame Maple body Ovangkol neck Silver hardware JAN III MEC 2 Band EQ Perfect condition Gig bag, wax, strap, etc etc included Im also on...
  3. El Duderino

    All maple fortress one value??

    Hello all. First time post here, so forgive any breech of etiquette. I recently picked up a 94 fortress one, for what I believe to a good deal (400usd) for a German WW, despite its very un-warwick woods. I have done several searches, but I still do lot have a clear idea of what this bass is...
  4. D

    LIL' HELP! - 2000 FNA Jazzman - 36th GC Anniversary

    So I just bought this bass from ebay on a steal but I can't find any info (reviews/specs) anywhere. From the description it has a bubinga and swamp ash body, ovangkol neck and flamed maple fretboard. As with most ebay purchases, Im nervous as hell. Anyone know anything about this bass that...
  5. Genral Specific

    Maple vs Ebony

    I was recently shopping the CS section of Warwick's webpage. I noticed that maple fretboards need to have a finish but ebony does not. Do these two woods sound the same? I could save money if I don't have to finish the fingerboard with Ebony. Thanks.
  6. phunku

    How Much would this bass cost?!

    Hi Guys! right, as im lefthanded, i cant get this bass unless i order it. so i was wondering if you lot knew by estimate, (the pricing system confuses me on the pricelist!) how much this would cost if i ordered it, in pound sterling please lads! so kind! Warwick Basses Amps & Rock'n Roll...
  7. B

    Listen to my Maple Dolphin. My Band's Demo.

    Check out my band's demo. I recorded with my birdseye maple Dolphin & Quad VI and 2x11 pro. Watch the youtube video for a look at it. Warwick, endorse me!
  8. Andrew O

    What do the maple starbasses sound like?

    I'm really curious about these. Are they really thuddy and a typical hollowbody? or are they like hollowbody guitars? Bright, chimey and airy. If it can do both, i'd be really happy with one =D. I like lots of lots of GAS :twisted:
  9. S

    Thumb Maple Monster £800

    Ok I have what my kind friends here on the forum have advised me is a wonderful 4 string Thumb Maple Monster....made in 1991 on a limited run. This is the finest ever slap machine I've ever's in pristine condition with not a mark on it anywhere as it's only ever been used in the...
  10. M

    Colored Flamed Maple AAA???

    Hi guys Just wondering how exactly does a Colored Flamed Maple AAA 3/8" over a swamp-ash back looks like? This custom option is listed as £136.00 which is the cheapest flamed maple warwick offers (and also friendly to my wallet!) So does anyone have pictures of this wood or better... on a...
  11. thepurplepea

    Platinum hardware on maple...

    Has anyone got a picture of platinum / brushed steel hardware on a maple bass I can see? Ideally a stage 1?
  12. otto07

    Need help how to clean maple wood

    I need some help, I got a Streamer 1990 and I has some areas that the wood is darker because the dirt, does anyone can give tips on how to clean this bass? also it has golden hardwear, what should i used to clean them without faing the color?
  13. thndrstk6

    Is flamed maple softer than non flamed maple?

    I heard from a friend (who has a fairly trust worthy opinion) that the more flamed a piece of maple is the softer the wood is. He said that that's why a lot of people like the sound of vintage Gibson Les Pauls because they don't have the flamed top on them. I also noticed that Elrick uses a...
  14. thndrstk6

    Maple, Ash, and Alder tonal differences.

    What is the tonal difference between maple, ash, and alder? I notice there are no ash or alder necks (that I know of) but there are maple, ash, alder bodies.
  15. R

    what body wood with maple board?

    Hi, i am thinking about ordering a SSI 6string. I am sure that the fingerboard will be birdseye maple. The top should be of a bright colour too. Now comes my question : What type of neck wood and body wood will suit best the maple board (to get the sound i want)? The music i want to play with...
  16. bassoctopus

    Removing stain on birdseye maple

    The previous owner of my Infinity didn't seem to ever wax the bass. Because of this his thumb has left a dirty stain above the fron pickup in the beautiful maple top. Has anyone got any ideas for removing this?
  17. Kris

    Steamer LX spalted maple!

    Look what I just found on the Warwick site! Damn that looks good!
  18. space

    AAA maple ?

    Hey there. I was wondering what's the difference between the various types of maple, particularly the AA and AAA type? Is it purely aesthetical?
  19. R

    spalted maple

    Hi, i was just wondering if spalted maple had the same sound characteristics as flamed maple. Was thinking of a new cs bass for christmas : Streamer Stage I 5 Swamp Ash body Spalted maple top Matched headstock Maple neck birds eye maple board black hardware standard pickups
  20. Z3r0_G

    Tung oil on maple?

    I'm sanding away the satin finish on the neck of my rockbass. Is the regular tung oil I use ok for maple? will it darken the wood? if not what kind of oil should I use?
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