1. T

    Thumb NT quilted maple top

    Hello, here are some pics of my Thumb custom found in september at Paris, just enjoy (and apologies for speaking english so bad :? ) ! )
  2. S

    maple neck care?

    What do you guys us to clean, condition, ect..... your maple? Thanks
  3. Ian

    Does (Flamed) Maple fingerboard need a satin finish ?

    Hey chaps... It's all in the thread's title. If you look in the Custom Shop price list, you can read on the first page "it's better to have a finish on the maple fingerboard, to prevent the wood from an early"... Yeah but an early what ? The sentence is not complete ! So does (flamed)...
  4. A

    flame maple top / body?

    so i emailed a warwick dealer about a custom bass and i was wanting an afzelia body with a flamed maple top. but they said that it wasn't possible. so my question is i want a flamed maple top, but not an entire body cuz i want that low end as well. but im not a big fan of swamp ash, just...
  5. Patrik

    Thumb Maple Monster LTD

    Never see that before:
  6. T

    Corvette guys happy with the maple neck ??

    So................... I've been waiting for a Corvette NT for a long time, and even though it probably sounds kick ass, I think I would prefer an Ovangkol necked version............ It will have its own sound, but still I guess it will sound more like a Stage I than it will sound like a...
  7. Vinnie

    Maple Fretless board...

    I am considering getting a Katana NT 5 Fretless and I have a few questions. How durable are maple fretboards? Would it not erode much with flatwound strings and how does it compare with the ebony? They sure do look nice. = )
  8. Thunder_Fingers

    Zebrano VS Maple?

    Hi. Im considering trading my Streamer LX4 in to a Buzzard bolt on bass, im just wondering, what is the difference in sound in the woods of thoose two basses?? the Buzzard is Zebrano, and the Streamer is Maple.
  9. E

    Maple top seperating

    I have a Corvette FNA 4 that I bought a month ago. When I got it I noticed that the maple top was actually seperating, possibly a half millimeter starting at the neck and making its way down to the bottom of the bass. By the time it reaches the strap button it goes away. The two pieces of ash...
  10. boston asphalt2

    is spalted maple still available from the custom shop?

    after seeing that picture of the spalted maple thumb, I think I may forego looking for LTD edition basses and save up for something like that
  11. J

    Best Strings for a Maple Neck Warwick???

    Hi, I just ordered a new Corvette Hot Rod LTD 2005 and play fingerstyle rock. Does anyone know which strings sound the best on a Warwick Maple neck / fingerboard bass? I don't have the funds to go out and try every string on the market, but I’m considering the following brands: Warwick...
  12. moitallica

    Stain High Polish Maple

    Anybody with a picture of a bass painted in Stain High Polish Maple? (nirvana black if possible), I want to see this colour. :D
  13. B

    wenge neck vs. maple neck, maple body vs. africanwood body?

    ei guys what's the difference between a wenge neck & a maple neck regarding stiffness & tone? what's the difference between a maple body & a wenge/bubinga/obankol body regarding tone?
  14. M

    warwick corvette with maple neck?

    Hi all, Just wondering how would a warwick corvette on a ASH and BUBINGA sound if it had a maple or flamed maple neck instead of it's stock ovangkol neck? Would the Warwick trademark growl still be there? How will the lows, mids and high's sound? And does anyone know if the maple or...
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