1. Gregarious

    Want To Buy 90's Fortress 5 String (wenge Neck)

    Looking for a 90s warwick fortress 5 string with J/J pickups, wenge neck and fretboard, bell bronze frets, preferably in honey violin finish but open to others! All the best!
  2. D

    2000 Fortress One - $750 Shipped

    Selling this baby to get a backup 5 string, as I have moved primarily to the 5 at this point. Has the typical Warwick growl... No trades, just bought a 5 string Corvette. - Made in Germany in 2000 - MEC pickups - Plays great, sounds great, bass has no working issues - Beautiful ovankol neck...
  3. Stainless

    Sold! Warwick Fortress One Ltd. Edition (later Called Masterman) '94 -1000€

    Hello I would like to sell this Warwick Fortress Masterman ltd.Ed., the neck is to fat for me. I prefer the Neck of my Corvette $$ from 2008. Mint condition, only a small scratch on the back of the the head stock. The bass is from a guitar player who didn't played the bass at all. I have the...
  4. Dom

    FS/FT 1996 Warwick Fortress Flashback 2TeK bridge

    Hey folks, I am going to trade/sell my fortress flashback 4 string in honey violin. That bass is in mint condition, bought it from a collector. I am willing to trade it for a Thumb NT 4-6 string and add some cash if necessary. The bass is located in Germany, shipping to EU should not be too...
  5. Shelby Jansen

    Fortress x Short Scale Corvette conversion - 30" neck and 2pc bridge replacement

    Ok, so this may seem crazy. But I found an '06 RB Fortress I LOVE but I physically cannot play full scales. I have a new RB Corvette Short 30" scale which is perfect for me. How ridiculous is it to think, if I bought a second RB Corvette and the Fortress, and a 2 pce replacement bridge, I...
  6. S

    fortress's preamp

    greetings guys, i boreke my guitars preamp , accidently :) i will buy a new preamp ( i m thinking aguilar obp-3) . but there are a lot of pins.. i dont know, how can i connect it. can you help me please_? how can i set it ?
  7. T

    Fortress Masterman 4-string 1995 vgc

    I'm selling my 1995 Fortress Masterman 4-string. It's in a mid-brown satin oil finish (possibly called French Violet??) with black hardware. It's in very good condition - just a few small dings on the body, good slim all-wenge neck and unworn frets (which I've just polished up - lovely and...
  8. L

    Major Rockbass Problems - Please help.

    I purchased a brand new Rockbass Fortress 4 String recently and have had a lot of problems out of it. I can go into detail if I need to, but the reason I am here is to ask what I should do, or who I should contact. I paid almost $900.00 for this bass and the fact that I am having so many...
  9. T

    wanted: neck for a 4 string fortress (masterman)

    Bit of a long shot this: I'm looking for a 2nd neck for my fortress masterman 4 string. I want to keep the original neck fretted and de-fret the 2nd neck. I'd consider a fretless neck if you were selling one. I'd like a Wenge neck ideally, but not too bothered. The main factor is that it...
  10. TorVic

    FS/FT: Rare Custom Warwick Fortress 8-string. nirvana black, dolphin fret-markers

    For sale or for trade with 4-string streamer stage basses. This is a 2004 custom shop Warwick Fortress bass. Nirvana black oil finish MEC active P/J pickups MEC active 3-band EQ Maple body Bolt-on Ovangkol neck Wenge fretboard with 24 frets Dolphin fretmarkers (like a Dolphin Pro...
  11. El Duderino

    All maple fortress one value??

    Hello all. First time post here, so forgive any breech of etiquette. I recently picked up a 94 fortress one, for what I believe to a good deal (400usd) for a German WW, despite its very un-warwick woods. I have done several searches, but I still do lot have a clear idea of what this bass is...
  12. J

    FS/FT: Warwick Fortress Flashback 5 String - 1996 - Red

    Hey All, For sale is a very rare 1996 Warwick Fortress Flashback 5 String in Red. It has the 2-tek bridge, MEC lipsticks and passive electronics, Ash body, Wenge neck and board, and killer vintage looks. These are VERY hard to find. These never come up for sale. Bass is in very good...
  13. S

    Rockbass Decisions, Assistance required

    Hey, So I'm gonna be going in for my first rockbass, And I'm torn between a Vampyre and Corvette $$ I play a lot of jazz, funk, Primus kinda stuff more finger picking oriented stuff. I Do occasionally session out for metal bands. Also i love playing some nice solos. And the metal bands i...
  14. EPurpl3

    Paint some drawings over the original Warwick glossy paint

    Hi, i want to custom paint my RB Fortress and i was wondering what kind of matte paint should i use to paint over the original glossy paint without sand it. My idea would be to use some adhesive tape and some papers to mask the parts of the bass that i dont want to paint and to spray some...
  15. EPurpl3

    Warwick RB Fortress detached wire.

    Hi, i was looking at the electronics of my new RB Fortress 4 and i have found a wire that goes somewhere at the bridge but in the other side is disconnected. It looks like it was stuck somewhere but i dont know where. I have looked at the Fortress diagram but i was unable to find that wire...
  16. Dbass

    Refinish 95`Fortress Masterman - From French Violet to Natural Oil

    Hi guys! I found a nice Fortress Masterman from 95 and since I was searching for a 4 string I jumped on it. It has a french violet finish, which I kind of like it, but too many belt marks, scars that I wanted to get rid off made me go for a complete refinish to Natural Oil. It´s body is...
  17. PooBone

    Help with small bass repair

    My Rockbass Fortress (2010, 4-string) has an issue around the pickup. The upper P pickup's screws at the top and bottom are very loose. I usually rest my thumb on top of this one and there's a small groove worn into the wood from it, but my bigger issue is the screws. Sometimes after a couple...
  18. H

    1997 Fortress One Four String

    Howdy all, I found this forum while scouring the internet for information on my new bass. I picked up the four string in high school, but I sold my only guitar the last time I moved and haven't played in a while. I'd been waiting for the opportunity to get a new instrument and get back in...
  19. C

    new rockbass fortress

    where can I find an owners manual for a rockbass fortress, and what kind of string come standard with a rockbass?8:
  20. rockfish

    Fortress Flashback through the years

    I'm the proud owner of two Fortress Flashbacks, one with the standard Warwick bridge and another with the 2Tek bridge. Does anyone know anything about the manufacturing history? there are some significant differences between these two basses (which are both awesome, by the way). These...
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