1. W

    Vintage Archtop Acoustic Guitar (suspected Framus) Any Information Helps

    this guitar was my grandfathers, he purchased it 64 years ago from an Italian man, he said the Italian man also got it second hand. it has 'broadway' and 'johnny' stickers on it that my grandfather put there, the headstock had broken off and been glued back on, my grandfather said he hasn't...
  2. SynapticGroove

    Sold! 1989 Warwick Dolphin Pro I - High Gloss Black!

    Hi all, I've been wrestling with this for the last several months and have decided to put up my '89 Dolphin Pro I. According to HPW, it is one of the first 30 dolphins made and the only '89 in factory black. She's a beauty, but I cannot justify holding onto her for the collector value. As a...
  3. naetog

    Strap Button On Thumb

    Hey everyone, It's been a SUPER long time since I've actively participated in the forum! The upper horn strap button on my Thumb points in a relative upwards position. About 2:00. I've never seen another bass with such an angle on the strap button. I'm thinking about moving it towards the...
  4. L

    Sold! 1985 Warwick Thumb Bass Jd

    Hello so I posted about this a few times on here, wondering if I should move this on on not... but the situation is I've got a 6 month old daughter now who takes up a lot of time, and I've far more basses than I need - and although this is a dream bass for me, I just don't click with it in a way...
  5. Chris Reynolds

    Cr Demos: Framus Mayfield Legacy

    Framus Mayfield Legacy Vintage Sunburst. Another familiar style guitar from Framus. P90's and semi hollow, this one has a very vintage feel & tone to my ears. Killer, killer guitar! I can't make my mind up as to which one is my favorite....
  6. Stainless

    Sold! Warwick Fortress One Ltd. Edition (later Called Masterman) '94 -1000€

    Hello I would like to sell this Warwick Fortress Masterman ltd.Ed., the neck is to fat for me. I prefer the Neck of my Corvette $$ from 2008. Mint condition, only a small scratch on the back of the the head stock. The bass is from a guitar player who didn't played the bass at all. I have the...
  7. SEBtheSaviour

    Warwick Corvette 4 Ash || Aria Pro2 Jazz Bass 70's + Soundsamples

    Hello guys! PRICE: 600EUR each I decided to put for sale following basses: 1. Warwick Corvette Standard (swamp ash). 1998 slim, smooth wenge neck passive/MEC dynamic correction chrome/West Germany hardware has few dings, overall very nice bass I did a little correction to some photos in...
  8. A

    WTB: Bridge for vintage Framus 5/355

    I'm looking for a bridge that fits on the metal plate of this guitar. The body is plastic (or similar) - not wood - so I'm wary of drilling holes to attach a different style of bridge.
  9. W

    FS: Framus Star Bass 5/150. 1964 Germany.

    Want to buy a Warwick fretless, so this has to go to contribute to that fund :P Price or Trade Value : £490 Model: 5/150 Serial Number: 22463 Made in Germany 1964. Same model range as those used by Bill Wyman. A lovely damage free example in high gloss cherry sunburst. There is age...
  10. bindolesh90

    FS/FT: Warwick Streamer Stage II 1987 - read the 3d [ITA - CH - euw]

    Hi, here's for sale my pride bass, a 1987 warwick streamer stage II, the 29° streamer stage II ever made you know all the characteristics : afzelia body , wengè neck + fingerboard, emg pus + emg electronic, all original except for the jack plate (replaced with a xlr in the 1989 from the...
  11. W

    Early vintage Streamer, Spector Headstock, low serial#

    First or second year Streamer, #107, rounded Spector headstock, super thin neck & body, all original, very good condition. Back from the early days even before the "licensend by Spector" appeared. Neck perfect, truss working fine. Situated in Berlin. Asking €1500...
  12. El Duderino

    All maple fortress one value??

    Hello all. First time post here, so forgive any breech of etiquette. I recently picked up a 94 fortress one, for what I believe to a good deal (400usd) for a German WW, despite its very un-warwick woods. I have done several searches, but I still do lot have a clear idea of what this bass is...
  13. Chris90

    Problem electronics old Thumb

    Can someone help me? The electronics of my new Thumb don't work. It has bartolini pickups and I guess the just the balance pot and bass/treble stacked. Also it has active/passive push/pull on volume, something I havent seen on my other thumbs yet. The problem is that I don't get any sound...
  14. Chris90

    Thumb from 1985 JD

    Hello fellow Warwick-lovers Hereby I present my Warwick JD (John Davis) 4 string bass from 1985. Maybe there are some people here who can tell me more about it, or have a same one. I believe it comes from one of the first production runs? I know y'all love pictures: I found it...
  15. L

    1986 Warwick Streamer

    Hi, I'm new to the forum here. I was hoping to get some feedback on my bass. I don't have pictures at present but it's a 4String '86 Streamer. It is cherry finish and has black hardware and the Seymour Duncan eq pickups option. It is pretty much clean except for a mark where I sit my thumb on...
  16. Augie

    How many models have Warwick released?

    I saw a thread about how many basses Wick had put out in its many years of production (Nicely fileded by FLorin) and it go me thinking....How many models have been produced? I know many are up on the site but what about stuff like the so called "infinette" and some other proto-corvettes, not to...
  17. X

    Reference for Warwick vintage

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and new owner of a beautiful '88 Thumb 5 NT. My question is the following. Is there somewhere on the internet or in the physical world a complete and reliable reference to the specifications of different Warwick models, by year of construction? I just bought...
  18. B

    vintage schaller tuners

    Hi guys, posted this already but since I am new to this - I may have posted it in an obscure place??? I have a 91 thumb 6 and one of the tuners has snapped a leg (rhs as you look at the bass(2nd string) - does anyone know where I could source a replacement?? thanks..........bass J
  19. slotter24

    Vintage Streamer for sale

    Loc. in North germany 900 Euros;)
  20. C

    My new vintage '91 Streamer Stage 1

    I am soo happy to have gotten my hands on a vintage (or soon to be vintage) 1991 SS1!!! I really miss these older ones. They had such a character and feel to them that is not being done on the newer ones. It is on its' way to me and I should have it by Friday/Saturday. Just thought I would...
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