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Sold! 1985 Warwick Thumb Bass Jd

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by LukeFRC, Sep 10, 2018.

By LukeFRC on Sep 10, 2018 at 7:49 AM
  1. LukeFRC


    Aug 8, 2009
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    Leeds, UK
    so I posted about this a few times on here, wondering if I should move this on on not... but the situation is I've got a 6 month old daughter now who takes up a lot of time, and I've far more basses than I need - and although this is a dream bass for me, I just don't click with it in a way that means I will pick it up ever to play live...
    so this is your chance to save it from becoming a decoration on the wall!

    It's an all original 1985 JD Thumb bass, one of the first 150 ever made. This is the second revision with the classic body shape, but the early shorter horn. Similar to Jack Bruce's 1985 fretless this was an early custom order with the factory fitted Seymore Duncan active pickups fitted and the solid mother-of-pearl truss rod cover (the symbol of the early 'custom shop' according to the founder of warwick). Plays great, sounds great with a slightly more open version of the classic thumb sound.
    Apart from a small chip to the corner of the truss rod cover it's in great condition for a 33 year old bass, actually it's in a pretty good condition for a new bass. The previous owner had it refretted professionally about 5 years back.

    Welcome to come try it out if you're near me in Leeds, Yorkshire, GB. Otherwise I can post, ideally within the EU so I don't need to read lots about CITEs! It comes with a Hiscox hardcase.
    £1750 ONO (not incl postage)

    Lots of lovely photos here: Dropbox - warwick bass - Simplify your life

    I would listen to trade offers or part ex, a Fender Roscoe Beck, G&L L2000e or Hellborg rig would be nice ;) but unless it's a bass or something I really want please don't be offended if I say no.
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by LukeFRC, Sep 10, 2018.

    1. Hoggles
      Sad to see you have to sell this beauty. The SD pups and that MOP truss cover make this quite unique. Also, the saddle rollers on the bridge are gold. Though a little different...I wouldn't be surprised if that was also part of the custom order, due to it being quite a unique Thumb with the aforementioned truss cover and pups. Maybe not...but very interesting.

      Good luck!
    2. DemBoneZ
      Cant you just sell the baby and keep the bass ?? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    3. LukeFRC
      I like the baby more I think!
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    4. LukeFRC
      HP Wilfer said it would have been a custom order for someone but he wouldn’t have a clue who anymore - it’s not a million miles from Jack Bruce’s fretless in terms of the active SD pickups. It sounds great , that piano type thumbs have but having Compared it to a few other thumbs it’s got a more open tone with a fantastic big bottom end. It’s great but just doesn’t really fit my playing style :(
      I think having had it on UK based Facebook sale groups and not had that much interest I’ve may have priced it a bit high do you think? The Warwick aficionados on here can appreciate what it is but generally most folk won’t know a 1985 thumb from a 2005 BO thumb
    5. Hoggles
      Yeah, Jack's first prototype JD was #99. It did indeed have the SD pups.

      Your asking price would be very reasonable over here in the States (roughly $2500), considering it's one of the first Thumbs and a unique one at that...but I know in Europe, vintage Wicks can sometimes go for crazy low prices. At least what I would consider crazy low. Sooo...I dunno. Guess the asking price depends on how quickly you need the cash and or how long you're willing to wait.

      You could try putting it up on Reverb. That site has become the premier site for instruments over here in the States, but I don't know how popular it is over in your neck of the woods. If you do put it up on Reverb...just a heads up to make sure you know there would be roughly a 100-125 euro selling fee charged by Reverb. You could state it would be for sale only in the EU type thing, so you don't have to mess with CITES.

      Have you put it up over on BassChat?
    6. LukeFRC
      Basschat is very good for selling Warwick’s at low prices! I’ll have to look into reverb
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    7. Hoggles
      I would only hope that whoever is the next owner may be...they respect and appreciate what it is they have...as I know you do. To me, that's most important detail. Wicks from the first few years of the factory, when they we're truly handbuilt with blood, sweat and tears (followed by no doubt tears of happiness from HP and those AMAZING original luthiers) is something that will slowly fade away with time. Especially when they might be sold for well under what they're worth. For me personally...#125 is the most special bass I've ever laid hands on, let alone owned. It's just a work of art. A handbuilt work of art that plays and feels phenomenal.

      My final suggestion would simply be to not compromise on sale price. This bass is "worth" double what any new Thumb would cost. I sincerely mean that. I could care less about modern technology, invisible frets...you name it. These early Wicks are SO undervalued. They are simply amazing and truly special. And that means something. To me at least :)
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    8. LukeFRC
      Want me to find out postage costs to your side of the pond ? How’s much has the pound dropped against the dollar?
    9. zomnius
      hahahah sell the baby.....
    10. Hoggles
      It would probably be at least several hundred in shipping, then some customs fees and of course CITES paperwork would be required due to the Bubinga.

      I appreciate you even considering it, but all that might be a bit too much. You mentioned BassChat is great if you want to sell it cheap haha...but I'd just post it at your desired price and see what happens :)
    11. LukeFRC
      Well I stuck it on basschat at a slightly lower price - will see what happens! If any you on here want it give me a shout. (And if you ever wanted me to look into us shipping I can Hoggles)
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    12. Hoggles
      Oh good!

      Ah very kind, thanks! Good luck!
    13. LukeFRC
      Well our prime minister is an idiot - and the pound has dropped... so this is now slightly cheaper of my EUbretheren than it was two days ago. While my one dream would be for an end to Brexit I would settle for selling this bass...
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    14. LukeFRC
      price drop - and open to trade offers...
    15. LukeFRC
      Sorry I dropped the price elsewhere and forgot to here - so new forum name new price! :)
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    16. lexefx
      Luke - Looks outstanding! GLWTS Bump!
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    17. LukeFRC
    18. warwickhunt
    19. Hoggles
      Ohh yes! Congrats!!
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