1. allthumbs

    Vintage Buzzard Serial Number

    OK, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I will soon be in possession of a vintage Buzzard 4-string. It has the original one-piece bridge. It will be here in a few days. It is painted (red); where will i find the serial number? BTW, it was apparently signed by Entwhistle at one...
  2. iuserneim

    vintage custom shop ?

    hi i saw a few solid color thumbs and streamers that were from the early years. now i wonder, if these were custom shop basses... and they don't seem to have the serial on top of the headstock, because of the finish. where is it then ?
  3. iuserneim

    problem with my vintage SSII

    hi everybody. yesterday i during rehearsal, my bass suddenly started to have that overdriven sound. i checked the amp, and tried it with another bass. everything was ok. but my bass was overdriving as hell. i thought it was the battery, but it was not. the bass was overdriving even with a...
  4. T

    Show us your Vintage Custom shops!

    I know Warwick didn't make many vintage customs but I have seen some strange variations over the years. If you have a bass that is out of the ordinary then post some pics please! I always like to see the cool older warwicks :d
  5. W

    when dose a warwick become vintage

    when dose a warwick become vintage and dose this make them worth more ?
  6. iuserneim

    vintage streamer stage II clips

    hi. if you want to hear what a streamer stage II from 88 sounds like, you can check the clips out i recorded. go to this site: it's self-explanatory
  7. T

    Vintage Warwick or Vintage Modulus?

    Here are a few sexy pics of my two most favoritest basses! I got the Modulus a couple months ago and it has become my best bass. I am a huge warwick fan but you must admit that Modulus basses also have that awesome distinct growl and tone. The modulus is a 1993 Quantum 6 sweet spot and the...
  8. drews


    I was really glad to read one of Golem's post on the Capacitors topic. Conicidentially, I was talking to my wife yesterday about the vintage syndrome: how anything that's old is being labeled "vintage" and valued for age's sake only. Old doesn't equal vintage. Old crap is still crap. For...
  9. I

    Original vintage Buzzard

    I have an old buzzard with no serial number. Purchased around '86. I will post pics asap. Anyone interested?
  10. otto07

    What is the difference between a new Thumb vs. vintage Thumb

    Q1.what is yours opinion on the sound from a new Thumb Bass vs. a vintage Thumb Bass? Q2.Witch has a better sound a 2 band EQ or a 3 band EQ on a Thumb Bass? Q3. Is the value of a vintage Thumb Bass would ever be greater than a new Thumb Bass? Q4. Do you think the Warwick Basses ever...
  11. schlobodan

    Warwick Vintage Calendar

    Hi guys, today I saw the add for the new Warwick Calendar - wouldn't a Warwick Vintage Calendar be a brilliant idea:-) The calendar could be a mix of Warwick's own vintage collection + some rare specimen from forum members? what do you think?
  12. A

    Warwick sounding vintage?

    If you were about to buy a Warwick basses and you want it to sound vintage (Fender-like). Which bass would you choose? I am playing with a Motown group and I need a Warwick for that. Right now I am thinking of a Streamer Jazzman or a Streamer LX. Any other ideas?
  13. paperbag1213

    Vintage or New

    ok im sure this has been talked about before but i coulnd't find it in the search, what are the main sound differences between a vintage Thumb NT (88-89) or a Thumb NT (07), i just love how the vintage ones look though especially the neck, they should put that neck back on the newer thumb models
  14. T

    Anybody have a vintage SS1 6 string fretless?

    I have always wanted a vintage Streamer Stage 1 fretless 6 string but have never really seen any for sale. I used to own a fretted 4 string and I loved the tone and feel of the bass. If you have ever had one please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Pics would be nice too. Cheers, Wes
  15. Curtis

    MEC Vintage Humbucker

    Hi there, I'm curious if there are any experiences with the MEC vintage humbucker here. How does it sounds compared to other pick ups? Thankx!
  16. herb vibes

    =The Vintage Club=

    coudn't resist :wink: please don't think that i don't like the newer warwicks! just would be nice to put all pics of older basses in one thread since we got some vintage-lovers too :D so.... your basses from the/with: - 80's till mid 90's - handcrafted - first models...
  17. warwickhunt

    The cheapest vintage NT Thumb I have ever seen!

    £400 (GBP) / $800 / 520 Euro I don't suppose a fellow Warwick forum member got this?
  18. Andrew O

    so i may become the resident vintage amp collector

    my (hopeful) employment source has an old 60 watt fender bassman (head) and a 10 year old polytone little brute. both really i may end up with a couple new (old) amps...
  19. herb vibes

    vintage custom thumb nt 5 from 88/ stage 1 from 92!

    searching for a second thumb nt5 and found this baby: i wont buy it because i don't like the purple finish and the dolphin inlay.... very cheap and with led!
  20. Lewis

    look at this peeps vintage dolphin
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