1. herb vibes

    vintage stageI questions

    hey peoples! need some informations about the stageI because i found one in a auction-page here in switzerland: current price: 600euro (fair deal?) 1. the seller means that he don't find any serial-nr... what you all think when this bass was made? 80's because of the dot inlays...
  2. JanVanHove

    Vintage Framus...

    For sale on e-bay through Italy... A SG-shaped fretless...! Vintage Framus Bass...
  3. Z3r0_G

    Dirt cheap vintage thumb on ebay! heads up for those lookin for a '90s thumb (i think) can vaguely see the serial no from the headstock. also can anyone translate...
  4. warwickhunt

    Warwickhunt's VINTAGE Warwick collection...

    Nothing newer than '91 if you are interested
  5. allthumbs

    vintage fretless streamer (high action after all adjustments

    Here's the situation -- I just received an '88 streamer fretless. Sounds great. But, despite lowering the bridge, the saddles, the JAN1 screws, and adjusting the truss, the action is still high. We even pulled the truss rod, checked it, lubed it (yeah, my rod is lubed, dude), and put it back...
  6. Tv IV Dogs

    Vintage Fender Jazz...

    Hey Guys I was one of the few lucky enough to more or less start on a warwick (about a month after I started playing, my teacher bagged a yamaha sponsorship, and flogged his streamer to me for the equivalent of about $300), and as such, I've never really had much time for Fenders. Until...
  7. steembass

    Vintage Warwicks rule!

    Gigging Austria last year.. :twisted:
  8. allthumbs

    Wanted: Vintage Thumb Fretless

    I'm always looking ... someday, every bass I've been looking for will come available at once -- and I'll be screwed. Anyway, looking for a vintage (1980's) fretless Thumb, 4's or 5's, unlined. Anyone out there got one they aren't playing?
  9. nizzrooster

    Vintage Buzzard Neck

    Look at this post on eBay. I've never seen a Warwick with a neck like that. Does anyone know what year this is from and why does it...
  10. allthumbs

    Looking for Vintage Warwicks (pre-1989)

    As a player / collector in the US, I have found it difficult to find early Warwicks, particularly Thumbs (two of my basses were purchased from Europe, where most seem to reside. I am interested in purchasing early Streamers and Buzzards, but especially Thumbs, fretted or fretless, preferably...
  11. Eugene

    When a Warwick become "vintage"?

    Hi everybody. Reading this forum, I was just wondering when a Warwick bass can be considered "old" or "vintage". I have a 1991 Thumb NT and I don't know it it's a vintage instrument or not. Thanks.
  12. Myh

    Vintage Streamer Stage I in concert

    Went to a Manfred Mann's Earth Band concert this sunday night, in Soenderborg, Denmark (exellent concert) to find that bassplayer Steve Kinch still uses his '86 Streamer, which i think he got shortly after joining MMEB in 1986. I took a couble of pics. showing MMEB, Steve and his faithfull...
  13. M

    What makes a Warwick "vintage"?

    Hi, friends. What makes a Warwick "vintage"? Is a Warwick regarded as "vintage" if it is produced BEFORE the collapse of the iron curtain? :wink:
  14. T

    My Vintage 1990 Six String Fretless

    Here are a few pics of my 1990 Thumb bass. I got it about a year ago and I still have trouble putting it down. The preamp is a John East E-Pro that allows you to get just about any sound you want from this beast. I am playing it through an Ampeg SVT 2-Pro and a Bergantino HT212. It sounds...
  15. T

    Vintage Fretless Options?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the site and I really think it rocks! I have vintage 1990 six string fretless thumb bass that I have some questions about. I have never seen a Warwick like this bass so I was wondering if it was custom. First of all, it has a wenge fretboard with inlayed lines and...
  16. W

    Vintage Warwick Expo

    Hi All, For those with an interest in Vintage Warwick basses that just happen to be some of the most historic instruments in the bass world: Here is your chance to get up close and look at some very rare Warwick pieces you may never see...
  17. B

    vintage fret-wired

    Does anyone know why Warwick changed the fret wire size, sometime around the millenium? I bought a Thumb nt built in 02(couldn't pass up the great deal),but cant stand the feel of the JUMBO frets. I also own a 98 corvette std 5, and a 99 thumb nt. I find that the feel of the pre-millenium basses...
  18. LA_Kings_Fan

    Vintage 1987 Warwick Thumb IV (NT)

    My Vintage 1987 WARWICK Thumb IV (NT) serial #E 834:87 I purchased NEW at the now defunct "THE BASS CENTRE" in Studio City, CA. USA (Still a shop in England) Note: If anyone likes this rare classic bad boy beauty, it is up for grabs in the 'Offers Forum' btw. :wink: SOLD -...
  19. LA_Kings_Fan

    Vintage 1986 Warwick Streamer Bass {Stage I}

    Vintage 1986 WARWICK German Neck-through STREAMER STAGE I Bass Guitar serial # K 515 :86 I purchased NEW at the now defunct "THE BASS CENTRE" in Studio City, CA. USA (Still a shop in England) Note: If anyone likes this rare classic beauty, it is up for grabs in the...
  20. E

    Vintage Warwick on Catalog Cover...

    Don't know if this has been discussed, but in the current Warwick Catalog, there's a sweet old Thumb (with 1 piece bridge) on the cover! Alongside two beautiful newer thumbs. Radness.
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