FS: Framus Star Bass 5/150. 1964 Germany.

Jan 16, 2015
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Want to buy a Warwick fretless, so this has to go to contribute to that fund :p

Price or Trade Value : £490
Model: 5/150

Serial Number: 22463

Made in Germany 1964. Same model range as those used by Bill Wyman.

A lovely damage free example in high gloss cherry sunburst. There is age related wearing to the finish, some small dings, some scratches and a scratch, which hasn't broken through the finish, under the bridge. On the back there is one longish scratch and a buckle rash.

The electronics are all original and fully work, having a lovely deep sound. The two micro switches are a little stiff and plunky but they work fully as well. Controls are master volume and two tone controls. There is 1 screw missing on the control panel.

There is no damage to the neck, body or sound hole binding. The neck is lovely and straight, and the bass has a nice low action. It has flats on for the vintage sound.

All is original except the tuners. The bass has the rare scratch plate which has usually been removed and lost. The neck has no damage whatsoever. There is very light fret wear.

I have included a leather Hofner strap which ties under the neck, but don't have a screw long enough to attach a leather attachment for the clip into the strap button hole on the bottom. The original button remains on the bass.

Bass comes with a hard case, worth £80, and is £490 plus shipping. Payment by Paypal.

Reason for sale: I love this bass but I don't have the room for it anymore. Also, I use the Bass Centre Wyman bass which can give me the vintage sound just as well.










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