1. Cosmin Serban

    My Band, Astroprimate (instrumental Post-metal)

    I would like to introduce myself and my work as a bass player to this community. :) I play my RB Streamer 5 NT in a 3 members band: drums, guitar and myself. We've been playing together for over 10 years in other projects but we decided 2 years ago to do what we can in this small formula and...
  2. DiMarco

    The Gentle Art Of Sounding Filthy

    When it comes to dirtboxes, I have been around. Here's what I know. I share this for those who struggle choosing the right overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals. Often on the bass forums I see people asking questions like "what is the best overdrive for bass?" Well tadaaaaa - There isn't any...
  3. G

    WTB Darkglass Electronics B7K (EU/NL)

    Hi everyone, after hearing lots of positive things about the Darkglass Electronics B7K, I decided it's time to start looking for one. It's probably a long shot, since these pedals are becoming more and more popular by the day. I'm not in a rush, though. ;-) I think it's a great pedal, but...
  4. F

    moving from Pro Tube IV to TubePath

    So I bit the bullet and picked up a Tubepath 10.1. Until now I've been using an old Pro Tube IV and it has been my main amp for some time. I really love the 2nd stage tube with the adjustable level (drive) that basically lets me control the tube overdrive. I've only just got the TubePath...
  5. Pedro

    Overdrive Pedals

    Got myself a boss overdrive bass pedal and i read in the warwick manual that you shouldn't connect external effects pedals to the profet 3.2. Should i be a bit worried, i know the overdrive is not a sound that the cab and speaker is specifically built for but is it likely to cause any long term...
  6. K

    Overdrive and or Distortion pedal for Corvette Std 5

    Have any of you had good luck finding a good pedal for some mild, but gritty overdrive? I am also looking for a more Les Paul heavy distortion deep bass (non eaten by the effect) type sound. I have a sound in my head that I have not been able to duplicate with a pedal, but I think it could...
  7. Son of Bovril

    JAZZMAN toggle switch overdrive?

    Anyone with a P-NUT or Jazzman pup style, I have the problem that with the selector switch in the down position (away from the strings) it is much louder than the other two settings and seems to overdrive the preamp causing distortion... does this happen to anyone else? I prefer the tone of...
  8. azzyrazzy

    Best mild overdrive effect?

    I want to have a overdrive that is very subtle, on my Dolphin. I have the Sansamp BDDI. I used to like in on another bass, but now I think it colors the sound too much. What do you guys use for mild overdrive?
  9. J

    $$ overdrive

    I own a Peavey TKO 115 75 watt amp, Its not the best amp in the world a can tell u that lol but when I play my $$ through it, it distorts it BAD , is this just because my $$ is too powerful for this amp or is it to do with the bass???? it only distorts when I play the strings hard and when on...
  10. K

    Unwanted Overdrive with Boss GT-B

    I am having trouble getting a good amp modeling effect with my Boss GT-6B. I have a Corvette Standard 5. I think the preamp on the bass is a little much for the GT-6B. I get overdrive at varous points and I don't want the unwanted stuff. I just want a touch of SVT sound and stuff. Any...
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