1. R

    Warwick Katana NT 5 (2009 made in Germany)

    Warwick Katana NT 5. 2009 made in Germany. It's one of the best-sounding 5-strings I have ever heard and one of the most comfortable ones :) Really don't want to let it go, but I'm selling most of my bass-guitar collection due to family needs and play mostly 4-strings. The cosmetics is great...
  2. warwickdread

    =The Warwick Katana Club=

    how come we have no Katana club?? i was thinking of mayby getting a custoum shop fl 5 string katana and never got to see any pics since we dont have a katana club. i believe there are a lot of katana players out there who wanna leave their beauties in this forum :) mayby worth a consideration ...
  3. C

    Katana t/n 4 string

    I am very happy with the sounds of the bass tonal variations are great, unfortunately I have had to replace the jack input 3 times now as it keeps breaking down causing a spitting crackling sound when plugged in. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks Graham
  4. coneyislandjoe

    Katana Basses

    I understand that the Katana line of NT's and Bolt On's have been discontinued. I've seem them on Ebay. Does anyone have any opinions on these basses and to there sound. Thanks CIJ
  5. S

    Katana sounds?

    Hi guys, I daresay there's been a post about this in years past, but I know you never like to miss the opportunity to impart knowledge :wink: So... What's the sound of a Katana like? They never seem to be terribly popular, and I've only ever seen one used live, in a situation where the tone...
  6. O

    Hello from UK (Surrey Katana owner)

    Hi folks Just thought I'd say 'hi' and introduce myself. I'm Stu (onehappybunny), and I play in a covers band and an original indie/rock/folk band in the UK, for fun rather than cash or glory! I bought a Katana 5 a few months ago. Great looking bass (at risk of starting a huge debate, the...
  7. K

    Katana BO?

    I've found a lightweight one of these for sale at a reasonable price. However, it's not in a location where I could play it before I buy it, so I have some questions: Do you think this would sound pretty much like my Corvette Proline? Would the B string be clear and growly? What do you think...
  8. Andrew O

    katana streamer pros and cons

    this summer,ill be starting to save for a CS bass (wetter or not i get it is another story) and i'm issues deciding now! i realise with the CS, i can accomplish with what i want in a bass, but i don't want to dish out the money for it! katana pros: cool shape cheaper more elaborate top has...
  9. J

    Help on buying decision: Katana NT or Proline Corvette

    First post here and first Warwick purchase. I bought a 4 string Katana NT through GC for a good closeout price ($1245) but was impressed with the sound and feel of two Corvettes: the passive ash and active Proline. I love the feel of all three basses and the sound of the Proline. The Katana...
  10. Vinnie

    BN Katana?

    Would this be possible Ollie/Florin?
  11. C

    Katana NT anyone?

    I have recently been pining for an ovangkol bodied corvette $$, but I have come to realise that it's never gonna happen because I can't find somewhere to custom order from in the uk But I have found a Katana NT at the uk Bass Centre for significantly LESS than the bolt on version in a sale...
  12. Andrew O


    i went to chicago and they had one!!! i got so excited i was shaking when i asked the guy to get it down. i love that thing. i need a job so i can order one. its a very percusive, piano like sound. like the vampyre. i wouldn't get trem on it like i was thinking, the harmonics would be out of the...
  13. M

    Corvette vs. Katana

    There's been a lot of discussions about different woods like swamp ash or bubinga, but this time there's no need to debate on this issue :=) I would like to hear, if anyone is having personal experience on both Corvette and Katana. What's the difference between those two? I have two working...
  14. Andrew O

    Katana CS

    thanks janvan, i thought i would post it here for more thought, price quotes, etc.
  15. Andrew O

    Warwick Katana Custom Shop Idea

    Warwick neck through katana 4 string Black Oil Finish, Black hardware Red bass cleff inlays on fingerboard hipshot detuner everything else standard price tag and thoughts? EDIT I live in kansas, the middle of the USA btw
  16. maplesyrup

    warwick katana on ebay

    this is not mine... it just got my attention while browsing... 8) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270149756229
  17. kevcooke

    Katana NT5

    Hey, My heart was set on a Vampyre LTD until Seth had me try a Katana which was equally as awesome in it's own way for a smaller price tag... I've been thinking about it ever since, and I'd be happy with the Katana except the harmonics didn't ring as loud as they did on the Vampyre. Would...
  18. Vinnie

    The Katana in the CS gallery

    It changed from a 5 string to a 4 string. I'm confused.
  19. L


    Hi all, I'm interested in picking up a Katana, but I've had a very hard time tracking down anyone who has one, and I'd like to hear what people think of them based on personal experience. I'm looking at the 4 string set neck, which I believe runs for around $2400 (correct me if I'm wrong)...
  20. Men-O

    Katana NT 5 entered the building

    Hi guys, Finally my Katana NT 5 black HP arrived and I think it is a beauty. I will post pictures as soon as I can and maybe I can convince the Katana haters that it is actually gorgeous. Maybe :wink:
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