1. B

    Problems With Electronics In A Streamer Stage I

    Hi. Recently I acquired an used 2016 Streamer Stage I Master built. The instrument came with non original electronics (Bartolini pickups & Mama Pickups Preamp). The owner sent me also the original electronics and I decided to return the bass to the original condition. My luthier installed the...
  2. Negyuh

    What electronics should i get for an old SSI ?

    Hi Warwick lovers, I have an old Warwick Streamer Stage I 5 string bass build around 1988 or 1989. it has got Bartolini soapbar PU's Since this bass didn't have it original electronics i am looking for a replacement. What electronics can i use, what are your recommendations? Thanks in...
  3. H

    Replacing Electronic Compartment Cover with Modern Clip Style

    I play an active which doesn't have a separate battery compartment and am wondering whether it's possible to replace the old style plate that screw on with the new clip on one? Could perhaps be more hassle than it is worth but am intrigued how the clip styled one is held in place? Hope...
  4. Coreyvette

    I wanna go from passive to active! anyone with knowhows please respond!

    So I got this awesome 2006 Corvette STD 5 with passive MEC DC J pups and the volume drop compared to my '04 $$ 4 is very large, so I wanna throw some active guts in it. I wanna keep the passive pups but install an active preamp, a push/pull volume/preamp bypass pot, pickup pan pot, and a stacked...
  5. T

    Help! Old Streamer LX electronics connections

    Hi, I bought a beaten-up '93 Streamer LX a while back which I have refinished (sand down, stain, wax). I'm now putting it back together and I've lost my notes on which wires connected where :x The electronics I have don't match the schematic which I downloaded from the website, although they're...
  6. Chris90

    Problem electronics old Thumb

    Can someone help me? The electronics of my new Thumb don't work. It has bartolini pickups and I guess the just the balance pot and bass/treble stacked. Also it has active/passive push/pull on volume, something I havent seen on my other thumbs yet. The problem is that I don't get any sound...
  7. M

    Streamer LX Electronics

    Hi all, I have 2 Streamer LX 5's, one from 1997 and one from 2000. Is there any difference in the electronics? On the 97, when you boost the bass control it seems to make the B string louder and have a lesser effect on the other strings, but the 2000 is more 'as you'd expect', pretty much makes...
  8. T

    Warwick RockBass Corvette $$ EQ and wiring MOD advice

    Hey everyone long time lurker first time posting, have recently bought a RockBass Corvette $$, i am looking to do some mods to the electronics to enable the same functionality as its German brother. Thought this would be a great place to seek some advice and maybe hear from others that have done...
  9. Augie

    How do i hunt for a short circuit?

    I am having a reccuring problem with my Streamer Jazzman, a fresh battery will die after a couple weeks, even if not used and not left plugged in. For example i havent played it for a couple weeks due to a back injury and it had a fresh battery before christmass. Picked it up yesterday and the...
  10. Negyuh

    SSI electronics change

    Hey guys, i am thinking about switching the electronics of my just required Stage I, build 1988 or 1989, to the original state. i would like to know which electronics from the shop i must choose. the bass is active and has got bartolini soapbars on it (5 string) Can someone tell we what...
  11. StoneAje

    guitar shop messed up my wiring!

    so i have a 2003 corvette proline 5 and when i took it in to the local guitar shop to have them fix my jack they accidentally rewired it somehow so that passive still works just fine but when i try to switch over to active it acts more like a kill switch. they apparently didnt realize what it...
  12. B

    Corvette Proline Bass Electronics Problem

    Hi I bought a Corvette Proline from eBay and there is a problem with the electronics. The pickups work in passive mode but there is a lot of noise in active mode. The first guitar tech I showed the guitar to said that the double pot M-85110 appeared to be the problem. I bought a new...
  13. X

    Change electronics on a corvette $$

    I would like to ask something about an electronics modification. A friend of mine who has a warwick corvette $$ 5 string wants to replace the standard electronics with a mec 3 band system. We found this setup on mec's site but there were no switches for the pickups. -Do the switches...
  14. drews

    TC Electronics Head and Cabs

    Can anyone give me impressions on these little beasts? RH450 RS210 The fact that the whole rig would weight less than half of my Ampeg combo really got into me. How does it sound? Does the head have any kind of digital sound processing? Thanx!
  15. J

    Would you buy a bass that had had the trussrod and electronics board replaced?

    Would you buy an '04 SSII that had had the truss rod and electronics board replaced by the US distributor (Dana B Goods) or would you pass on it and keep looking? Nothing was upgraded, just the broken parts replaced. The bass is supposed to be working fine now with no issues. How can I...
  16. Pedro

    Buying MEC electronics

    Hey guys, anyone know of any distributors of MEC electronics? i want to buy either a 2 or 3 band active EQ system but they seem a little on the expensive side from the official shop.
  17. P

    Active Electronics Upgrade?

    Hi everyone, first post here. :) I got a Rockbass back in November (not sure what kind), and am considering putting an active EQ in it to get some extra clarity and definition. I don't know much about what's available or what's good, though, and was wondering if there were any suggestions...
  18. S

    Electronics dead

    Hello, Sad story.....last night before going to bed I had a quick go on my thumb when suddenly there was a lot of crackling and fizzing and then nothing:( Tried a different battery and cable but no luck.When I would turn the tone pots I would just get pops and crackle noises (even in...
  19. D

    Thumb NT 5 Question about Electronics

    Hello everyone! This is my first post - I've been checking out the forum off and on for a while and finally have a question to ask. Anyway, I wanted to say hi and say thanks for any help I can get with my question. I've been playing a Corvette Standard 5 for about a year and I love the...
  20. gonzosc1

    electronics question

    this is a non Warwick bass I'm talking about but I guess it doesn't matter. It has 2 passive J-pups and active electronics. when the pup blend knob set in the middle the sound is even sounding between the 2 pups. I can tap on each pup with a screwdriver and get equal sound from each. but...
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