1. Augie

    Compressor advice.

    HAlp! I need some advice regarding a good compressor to run in my rig for live use. I have had some issues with my effects chain causing some peaks (fuzz, phaser, dist and wah on at once=peak limiter in FOH on a LOT), and basically having to reign in my dynamics to avoid quite stuff dissapearing...
  2. BrickIsRed

    Corvette STD with Plec in "The Bitter End" Placebo cover.

    (See you at) The Bitter End (Placebo cover) v2 by Morgan's 303 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free On SoundCloud^. Corvette STD Bubinga 2009 w/ Sansamp + AmpliTube SVX. For the longest time, I couldn't get plecs sounding right with this bass. But it turns out, it's...
  3. jako

    WA 600 : question compressor and LED gain

    hello, I have received my new amp warwick WA600 and I test it with the WCA211pro + WCA115pro and my Corvette $$ 5 string. I have 2 questions : I wonder what is the function of the LED near the knob GAIN? It stays always switched on green. If I boost the GAIN, I never seen this LED...
  4. drews

    compressor: to change or not to change

    I have a Carl Martin Compressor, and just love it: absolutely transparent and very flexible, although I use it fixed since I found the compression I was looking for. The downside is: it works with 110v, and everywhere I go I have to carry a 110v x 220v transformer specifically for it. I've...
  5. tombaker

    Good Rackmount Compressor?

    I'm after a decent rackmount compressor. I've been googling a few different brand names and so far I like the compressors that DBX make. Anyone know of any good compressors? Cheers, Tom
  6. Shakin-Slim

    Profet compressor question

    Hey there. Just wondering, what does the compressor on my Pro Fet 5.2 actually do? I can tell the difference in sound, but I guess I need a description in the simplest of terms :) Cheers Shaun
  7. J

    compressor question

    hi, i dont really understand the built in compressor on the profet 3.2. it doesnt make any difference to the sound, but when i have it set to maximum, it will turn red when the amp clips. is it protecting the amp somehow? if it is, why dont people just leave it on maximum permently? it doesnt...
  8. fornipez

    ProFet 5.2 compressor question

    I just got my hands on my new ProFet 5.2 amp head, and so far, I love it. I understand compressors, but the manual really doesn't help me set this one up. It says to set the input gain until you get clipping, but says nothing about setting up the compressor... There's no threshold knob, or...
  9. JPT

    Warwick Bass Compressor

    or preamp incl. compressor..
  10. B


    Hi! On my Sweet 25.1 there are many options to vary the sound. I have a variable Contour. This means the more Contour I apply the lower and higher freqencies of my bass sound will be increased and the mids are being decresed. I as well have a variable Compressor. What EXACTLY does this...
  11. Florin

    XTREME Compressor Specs

    Hello guys, I have found that the compressor on XTREME amps is a really nice, transparent compressor, that is doing it's job in a very musical manner. I always looked for simple solutions for live shows. More units you have in you rack, more are the chances that something go wrong...
  12. O

    How's the compressor in the ProFet series?

    I'm going to purchase a ProFet 3.1 in the future, and I'd like to know if the compressor is any good. I had my eye on a BBE Opto Stomp until I noticed that the ProFets have a build in comp would that make the BBE pedal unnecessary?
  13. S


    I'm thinking of a dbx 160x. Does anyone have any other suggestions? What compressors do some of you guys use?
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