1. JanVanHove

    I guess you expected it: 12-string Buzzard!

    I know, I know, I'm predictable in my awesomeness! :P
  2. Lewis

    Im thinking.................. Buzzard?

    yet again i find myself looking at all possible bass's to make a custom shop order. i was thinking custom vette $$, stage 1, thumb, but then it came to me BUZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a custom buzzard BO with TSE fingerboard and wenge neck, with a nice solid black polished finish with gold hardware. i...
  3. JanVanHove

    The Buzzard Brothers...

    So far, me and Florin have decreeted ourselves as "Buzzard Brothers". But among the members of this forum, other whorty candidates are sure to exist. Do you think Buzzards rule? Then join our ranks! become a Buzzard Brother! We stand for the rehabilitation of the Buzzard as a worthy...
  4. JanVanHove

    Should Florin get a Buzzard?

    Ok, Florin is going to get a CS bass, and he has decided, that because of his love for buzzards, that he wants to get a Streamer in specs as close to a JE Buzzard as possible: Zebrano body, neck-through, mirrored P pickups... He likes streamers, but he has expressedly said that his...
  5. harerazor

    Custom Buzzard?

    Ive just had an idea about creating a custom shop bass. Would it be possible for someone to create a mock up version of what you want. First you pick your body type, then your choice of wood , neck , inlays , leds , control knobs etc etc. I am seriously considering a custom bass [ buzzard bolt...
  6. harerazor

    Me and my Buzzard

    Nice bass , shame about the face!!
  7. R

    Vader bass player custom buzzard

    Check out the Novy´s custom bass on It´s been stolen right now but hope he get´s it back soon.
  8. Malk

    Buzzard: different headstocks?

    i was (as usual) drooling over the cs gallery when i noticed that some of the buzzards have different headstocks..what does this depend on? let me show you what i mean: not that i'm getting a buzzard soon (well..i'd like to :wink:) but it's just curiosity :D
  9. L


    Hey, I'd also like some info on the BO Buzzard in addition to the Katana (see my other post) if anyone has any. Thanks again! -Lime
  10. The Ox

    Buzzard V.S. Streamer

    Hi all hope you can help me: I play bass now since 2 years and now i want to buy a new more expensive bass than i got now....i play in a rock band and my question is which bass is better for rock: a warwick buzzard bolt on or a warwick streamer stage I??? i know this question is a little bit...
  11. marcbass

    Buzzard Body Shape

    Has the Buzzard LTD and the Buzzard Bolt On the exact same Body shape?? It looks like the BO is large? Or is it the LTD's 26 fretted fingerboard that makes the body look smaller, since it's 2 frets closer to the neck Pickup..
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