1. Bademeister

    Why I Bought The Buzzard

    Well, some of you might think „why not?“, but if you look at the facts, a reasonable outsider would probably question this latest acquisition: I already have more than enough basses (Jazz, P Bass, Streamer, Thumb, Fretless, Acoustic…), I don‘t play professionally, I am not particularly rich –...
  2. Hardy

    The Buzz-8 Or El 8uzztard?

    Ok, I feared this might happen sooner or later. I have an idea for a CS Wick and it seems I passed the point of no return. I´m already in contact with Warwick and I´m thinking of details. What I am talking about: a Buzzard 8-string CT. The features so far: - Warwick Buzzard - Standard...
  3. Stainless

    Fafnir- Customshop For Stainless (reversed Dragon Wing+buzzard)

    @according to Hardy I have to start this thread ;) I actually kind of like the Dragonwing Shape from Alembic more than the Buzzard. But I am thinking of improving the ergonomics with a longer horn to the 12th fret (e.g. Fortress One). Does this make sense? Other specs I want for this...
  4. zomnius

    For Sale: Warwick Buzzard Ltd

    Superb Condition inc softbag. Limited with zebrano body. Superb condition. Got a new bass incoming and yhis gets played too little - a shame. output is enormous, neck is awesom and straight. Strung with optima Golds (!) It has been to the luthier for checking and 'abstellung'. Including manual...
  5. Callum

    Pimping my buzzard....

    Its probably me going made from revision, (electronic filters), but I had a sudden thought to see if I could make my buzzard even more awesome. Basically i was thinking of putting an audere 3ZB preamp in it. As the impedance (z) switch really appeals to me, I like how a flick of a switch...
  6. Callum

    Advice on trade - Thumb for a Buzzard

    As the title says, i've got the option of trading my thumb BO 5 for a buzzard BO - in straight trade which I like. My only reservation atm is that it's a 4 string (I prefer 5ers atm)- but having a 4stringer kicking about isn't really a bad thing. Atm i'm thinking i'd just go ahead and trade i...
  7. Curtis

    Gigged the CS Buzzard

    Hi guys, I'm just a bit over enthusiastic, so I'll share this. Since the end of April this year I have my CS Buzzard (maple/mahogany, passive, classic HB's) but I don't gigged it thát often. The flightcase didn't fit in my small car, ha ha. Since a couple of months I have a gigbag, but it is...
  8. joekickass

    So close to join the Buzzard Brother Club...

    Hi Guys I just sold my Thumb 6 BO, I love that bass but I am thinking I got my Thumb 5 NT and the 6 is too narrow and the BO thumb didn't solve my problem, I bought it becuase Warwick told my I can get more punch from the BO model, it is truth but it still not punch enough..... I tried a...
  9. joekickass

    When would u buy a Buzzard ?

    I like Warwicks, super tight Thumb, super wide SSI, super boom SSII, I would to buy a used Dolphin and maybe a Buzzard is great too. I saw a used Warwick Buzzard BO 4 in Taiwan, the price is OK, I am thinking, the reason I bought Thumb, SSI & SSI is I wanna be a funky man, I had tried Buzzard...
  10. gingerfish

    My first live song played with my buzzard...

    ...and the amp lasted 20 seconds. I was at a 21st birthday party last night and had been asked to play bass on one song. Took along my new to be Buzzard BO to play, and well, the other guys had been playing along fine for a good few tracks and then its my turn, switch basses and tweaked the...
  11. tombaker

    Buzzard BO and NT

    I was lookin through the buzzards in the CS gallary and i noticed there's a size difference in the bodies between the BO and NT versions. does anyone know why this is?
  12. allthumbs

    Vintage Buzzard Serial Number

    OK, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I will soon be in possession of a vintage Buzzard 4-string. It has the original one-piece bridge. It will be here in a few days. It is painted (red); where will i find the serial number? BTW, it was apparently signed by Entwhistle at one...
  13. Lex

    1990 Buzzard on eBay

    10%DC*Warwick Buzzard Bass,WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING!! - eBay (item 290314822922 end time May-08-09 23:43:37 PDT) Wow
  14. Gastrok

    Short vid on the Buzzard at NAMM

    check it out:
  15. B

    Warwick Buzzard JE

    How many Buzzards are there in all? Is it a good investment if you sell this monster after 10-20 years? Haha, evil :twisted:
  16. babebambi

    buzzard headstock

    is it a option as to which style of headstock on JE buzzzard?
  17. I

    Original vintage Buzzard

    I have an old buzzard with no serial number. Purchased around '86. I will post pics asap. Anyone interested?
  18. Lewis

    My custom shop buzzard has a crack in the body.

    this morning i opened my buzzard case and picked it up and i saw this massive crack in the finish of my CS buzzard, the crack is from the end of the fingerboard to the end of the first P pickup, what do i do??, is there any kind of warranty?, its only 6 months old. this has really upset me my...
  19. warwickhunt

    Entwhistle's 'actual' Buzzard bass on eBay... Honest

    The seller plasters 'contact me first via email before bidding or I'll cancel your bid, as I'll sell it to you for $1300', now that's a big ebay no-no! However the actual Entwhistle Buzzard bass signed by Hans Peter Wilfer and presented to the seller by Chris Entwhistle... that's some...
  20. warwickhunt

    Warwick Buzzard Ltd on eBay... sure!

    WoW a new Ltd ed from the guys and gals @ Warwick... I think not :lol:
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