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  1. Stainless

    Sold! Streamer Lx From 1993 In Red (bolt-on, Wenge-maple, All Passive)

    Text in german below. Hey together, I am selling my Streamer LX from 1993, built in Eggolsheim, Germany. I resorted it with historically correct, i got it without pickups and electronics. Concerning to HPW from Warwick it was stolen out of the production. Therefore it was never finished. It...
  2. ercheddar

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Lx 5 Strings Made In Germany

    Sorry to just post this again but i couldn't update the price on the other one. Beautiful german made Streamer LX, very good condition, Great sound and Amazing low B! Very last price; 689£ (759€) Lowest price on the internet, do not miss this!! The Bass is located in Vicenza, Italy, but i can...
  3. ercheddar

    For Sale: Fs Warwick Streamer Lx 5 Strings

    I'm selling my beautiful Streamer LX, the bass Is in very good condition, It only has a few marks and a dent in the lower part of the body, shipping available in all Europe for 49€. Feel free to contact me for any further information Price Is 989€, anyway feel free to make your offer. I might...

    Sold! Streamer Lx 5-string Fretless Broadneck

    Selling my fretless Streamer broadneck. Absolute beauty of a bass, but my truck recently needed expensive repairs so this has to go. Stock pickups were replaced with Basslines. There's minor grooving in the fretboard, but nothing severe. Aside from that, it's immaculate. Info from the serial...
  5. M

    Streamer LX for sale 2011 (natural)

    Here we have my lovely Streamer LX, which is being sold because im not using it, and Im going to buy another Wick from the shooooooop!!! German built 2011 Flame Maple body Ovangkol neck Silver hardware JAN III MEC 2 Band EQ Perfect condition Gig bag, wax, strap, etc etc included Im also on...
  6. S

    EMG 's for Streamer LX custom shop??

    Any one have a model number for EMG pickups that fit in the Streamer LX??? Both p ups seem to be the same size ( not smaller neck and bigger bridge )... 3.75 x .75 as we measured Any help would be great
  7. D

    I want to sell my Streamer LX4 L-H Made In Germany but don't know the regular price

    Hi, I want to sell my Warwick Streamer LX4 Left-Handed. this is a 1999 model with wenge neck, MEC pickups and Natural Oil finish. I have no Idea how much i can ask for it. It's in good shape, carefully used. The finish is a bit faded where my arms are rubbing. is 1000USD a good price...
  8. bassment73

    WTB - Streamer Stage II 4 string or LX4 with J/J pickups

    Hi everyone! On the look-out for either: 1. Streamer Stage II - 4 string only, not 5 or 6. Would prefer natural oil finish, but not essential. 2. Streamer LX - 4 string only, not 5 or 6. Ideally in a J/J pickup configuration as the reverse P pickup on my current LX4 doesn't suit my...
  9. T

    Help! Old Streamer LX electronics connections

    Hi, I bought a beaten-up '93 Streamer LX a while back which I have refinished (sand down, stain, wax). I'm now putting it back together and I've lost my notes on which wires connected where :x The electronics I have don't match the schematic which I downloaded from the website, although they're...
  10. Augie

    Better bass for drop C tuning.

    Hey doods, i normally play in feildy tuning (dropped D with a dropped low A, so ADADG) but my singer wants to go lower for some songs to better suit his voice. SO i have to 4 strings that will go either into dropped C (drop D down a whole step) or C standard (std tuning down two steps) It will...
  11. thndrstk6

    FS: Warwick Streamer LX 6

    Instrument Name/Description: Warwick Streamer LX 6 String -Bolt-on -Natural Oil Finish -AAA Coloured Spalted/Flamed Maple body -Warwick tuners -Ovangkol neck -2-piece Warwick bridge -Wenge fingerboard -Warwick security locks -Gold hardware -24 frets -Just-A-Nut III -Active MEC J...
  12. D

    Streamer LX Jazzman - Mid/trim and pickup height

    Hi everybody, new member form Sweden here. Long time Warwick user though =) Having some issues with the pickup height on my 5 string Jazzman (2001). Seems like the humbucker is troubling the intonation if the pickup is to close to the strings but if I lower it the output is really changed...
  13. M

    Streamer LX Electronics

    Hi all, I have 2 Streamer LX 5's, one from 1997 and one from 2000. Is there any difference in the electronics? On the 97, when you boost the bass control it seems to make the B string louder and have a lesser effect on the other strings, but the 2000 is more 'as you'd expect', pretty much makes...
  14. bkarr300

    Streamer Stage II vs. Streamer LX Main Differences

    Hi all. I'm in the market for my first Warwick and I've spent my entire Thanksgiving weekend reading what feels like hundreds of posts within the forum. After that I felt like I should join the community, so I did today. Your input has all been very helpful in singling out what I'm looking...
  15. Augie

    3-band preamp for a Streamer LX

    I have recently purchaseds a new old-stock 05 Streamer LX4. Firstly it totally blew me away, the clarity of the J and the increadible growly meatiness of the P pups are about as nice as i've heard. The only issue i haveis that coming from playing a LX jazzman i'm really missing the mid...
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