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Sold! Warwick Streamer Lx 5 Strings Made In Germany

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by ercheddar, Jul 8, 2020.

By ercheddar on Jul 8, 2020 at 5:24 PM
  1. ercheddar


    May 14, 2015
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    Sorry to just post this again but i couldn't update the price on the other one.
    Beautiful german made Streamer LX, very good condition, Great sound and Amazing low B!
    Very last price; 689£ (759€)
    Lowest price on the internet, do not miss this!!
    The Bass is located in Vicenza, Italy, but i can ship worldwide!

    Might be interest in trading with Fender USA, Music man Stingray, Warwick Thumb, Corvette $$
    s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by ercheddar, Jul 8, 2020.

    1. Gnermo
      Might be useful to add your location!
    2. ercheddar
      You're right ahah sorry!
    3. bassment73
      Hi there. Just a couple of questions on shipping please. What would the bass be sent in (e.g. hard case, or gig bag in card box etc)? And what would be a total shipped price to the UK?
      Cheers :)
    4. ercheddar
      Hi! The final shipped price would be 740£ without any bag or 750£ shipped with a Warwick rockbag :)
      Insurance Is included
    5. bassment73
      Thanks for that info. If I could just ask another question please, what's the serial number on back on headstock - just so I can find out its year of manufacture etc. Many thanks.
    6. ercheddar
      Sure! C 123107 06
      IhI don't know why but i had some issues finding It on the Warwick site so i emailed them and that's what they replied :)

      - Bass Streamer LX
      5 string
      Serial Number C 123107 06
      Year 2006
      Month March
      Number 123107
      Neck Wood Ovangkol Wood
      Fingerboard Wenge Wood
      Frets Bronce Warwick Frets
      Nut Just a Nut II
      Neck construction Bolt on
      Body 2 pcs. solid Flamed Maple Wood
      Surface Burgund Red satin Surface
      Pickups active MEC PJ Pickups
      Electronic active 2 Band MEC Electronic
      Hardware Gold Hardware made for Warwick
      Made in Germany / 08258 Markneukirchen
    7. bassment73
      Thanks for that info! Yes, I've also found some serial numbers don't always work with that tool on their website.

      Just a couple of other questions please:

      1. Is the Just a Nut II still intact on the bass? I've found that the side clips on these can easily snap over time.
      2. Is there any excess back bow in the neck and is the truss rod still operational? I'm only asking this question because I have had issues with 2 previous German Warwicks built in the mid 2000's (1 Corvette and 1 Streamer Jazzman), that both had ineffective truss rods - one of which snapped! Never had this issue with Warwicks from the 1990s or 2010s where the neck profile is thinner. I wondered whether it might be something about the chunky profile Ovangkol necks from the 2000's that were more prone to this.

      Appreciate your time. Cheers :)
    8. ercheddar
      I Just found out that the Just a nut 2 has been replaced by the previous owner with a Just a nut 3 (i think, the One in the picture) which Is in perfect shape :) the bass has a good setup with Low action and the truss rod works fine :)

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    9. ercheddar
      Let me know if you could be interested :)
    10. bassment73
      I'm looking at a few options currently on the internet with regards to a 5 string Streamer. Yours looks like a pretty good deal. However if I'm being entirely honest I'm not a massive fan of red guitars, so that's the main thing I'd need to get my head around :) Let's see how things pan out - I've only really started looking around. Thanks for your helpful info so far. Cheers!
    11. ercheddar
      If you're interested i can make you a last good offer, even of the bass is still red ahha:)

    12. bassment73
      Hi there. I've cured my GAS for the time being and realise I don't actually need another bass anytime soon :) GLWTS
    13. ercheddar
      Still available!
    14. Florin
      The deal is insane!!! It outplays basses twice the price, when I audition for a new band and I am not sure what bass will fit that band, Streamer LX5 is my first choice. Always, and I never miss.
      I wanted to say that the bass is not THAT red as in pics 2 and 3, most likely pic No1 is more accurate. I owned a fretless one (incredible!), and unfortunately I had to sell it to fund other project (studio). It is more like a reddish brown. I hope it helps :) Just FYI, I would never sell this instrument for less than 1200 EUR.
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    15. ercheddar
      Thank you my friend! That's right, those two pics were taken with flashlight to show the condition of the body, the bass Is definetely more like a reddish Brown as you said :)
      I love this Streamer but due to this Covid situation i'm not playing live and i Need some funds :(
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    16. ercheddar