1. T

    Question about BBE Sonic Maximizer and Tech21 VT Bass

    Hi everyone, Is it logical to use BBE Sonic Maximizer and Tech21 VT Bass pedals at the same time? Indeed all I want from these pedals is a little bit of dirt. Indeed I choose natural and a bit dirty sound of only bass and amp in psychedelic rock. Does Warwick Tubepath 5.1 seem to work better...
  2. R

    JAN III question

    Hello, can somebody tell me what year warwick started using the new JAN III on warwick basses. thanks
  3. Gerry

    SS2 preamp question

    So, the batteries in my '98 SS2 finally died. I'm running an 18v system and here's the thing. While in active mode, it started spitting. I pulled the volume knob to passive and nothing happened. When I connected a new battery to one lead, passive worked but not active. When I connected the other...
  4. Andrew O

    Question about block inlays...

    What are the prices? They're on the custom shop list but not on the price list. Also, what are the black inlays made of? Plastic? Ebony? My next goal is a new bass, and I see vintage stuff and block inlays! :twisted: I also can't decide between perloid and black, cause my idea is a Streamer...
  5. daniele

    The strings diameter question

    Goodevening gentlemen, I've got a question for my knowledge appetite. I'm undecided between a classical light gauge .45 .65 .80 .100 set and a medium .50 .70 .85 .105 set, both flatwounds for my Thumb NT. I wonder what could be the true differences in terms of sound, response and feel. Can you...
  6. kho

    Warwick Piezo Bridge volume question

    Hi all, I have an electronics queston... My 6 string Warwick Corvette is a CS bass that was built with Bartolini pickups and a Bartolini preamp. It also has the Warwick Piezo bridge with the preamp (so the pickup cavity is rather full... Warwick actually had to sand off part of the piezo...
  7. Martin Such

    ProFet EQ question

    does any of you guys know what frequencies the EQ in ProFet 5.1 and 5.2 is set for? I mean, which frequency does the Low Mid cut or boost, for example - as well as other three.
  8. L

    Funky Bass Question. Corvette?

    Hey Warwick Brothers and Sisters. Best of the Season to all. I know it's been quite some time since I've posted but I have a question and hopefully someone out there can help me out. I'm in the market for a new fretted bass, I'm not much of a fretted player as I usually play fretless. I...
  9. D

    Official Stupid Question

    Why do some Corvettes read Corvette STD and others read Corvette Standard yet the bass looks similar?
  10. J

    Question about Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5 string fretless

    I'm considering getting a Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5 string fretless. Since I've never played one before (and probably won't be able to find one locally to try), I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback about this model. I was wondering if the Maple/Ash body and ebony fretboard would...
  11. P

    Question about $$ neck care...!

    I do so apologize if this has been posted 458 times (at least) already, but I just picked up a 3 year old satin red $$ which has pretty much been kept in an unopened case for the past two years. Anyhow it seems fine, except that I literally *FEEL* one of the vertical grain lines on the neck...
  12. IncubusCorvette311

    Thumb Question

    How come some thumbs have two J style pickups that are angled right next to each other by the bridge, and others have one angled by the bridge and another one that goes straight across in the middle of the body
  13. P

    quick easy question!

    Q1. ok so i have a 96 fortess, what exactly does the pull knob do? when i play and switch the knob i dont really notice a difference except that when its pulled and i adjust the knobs nothing changes and when its not pulled i can adjust everything. the only difference i've noticed was that...
  14. N

    Xbass mirrored P pickups question

    Hi while browsing I found this: Now I'm wondering what pickups are they? Active or Passive EQ? Thanks Nigel
  15. R

    newbie fretless question

    Although I really enjoy my 1999 BO4 Thumb, I really would like a lined fretless Thumb to play. Is a LINED fretless thumb a "standard" in the Warwick line or is this a CS type of instrument? I have never seen one in years and wonder if that is the case. To all those who celebrate here in the...
  16. girlonbass

    92 Corvette Proline Question

    Hi there, This is my first post to this forum. About two years ago I bought a '92 Corvette Proline. It has active electronics and Bartolini pickups. I have a couple of questions about it and haven't found any answers via Google and such. The questions are: 1) What are all the...
  17. X

    Piezo question

    I 'd like to know if I could adjust string spacing on a custom shop piezo bridge like it can happen on the standard warwick bridge. Do you think that it worths to have a piezo bridge on a streamer jazzman?
  18. B

    Serious Corvette Question

    I am getting ready to upgrade my bass and naturally I have started looking at Warwick’s for that next level of quality and performance. After doing some preliminary research on the different model offered, I have come to feel that a Corvette would be ideal for me both due to its versatility and...
  19. S

    Question on parts for a sweet 25.1

    Hey there, Five months ago my sweet 25.1 decided to blow up and it has been in repairs now for five months. The reason, I have been told, for why it is taking so long to fix is because the parts are very hard to come by in NZ and that ordering them to NZ is very hard. Does this sound...
  20. jdiddleymspot

    Warranty Question

    Hi, Me again, sorry to mither and mither :) If I bought by bass in the UK, from the bass center for example, and brought it back to Norway, where I have residency, what would happen if the bass broke in the first 12 months. How would I go about having it repaired through the Warranty? It...
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