1. Hoggles

    For Sale: Streamer Stage I - Masterbuilt - 2015 - Natural Oil - Flame Maple/wenge - W/ohsc

    For people in the States. $2550 shipped. **Special offer** For forum members: If you're a "Good Vibe Sponsor", you can have it for $2475 shipped. I've owned 2 Streamers and this will be the 2nd one I've sold. Apparently, I'm just not a Streamer guy. We exist. Crazy, I know. Fantastic...
  2. Dbass

    Refinish 95`Fortress Masterman - From French Violet to Natural Oil

    Hi guys! I found a nice Fortress Masterman from 95 and since I was searching for a 4 string I jumped on it. It has a french violet finish, which I kind of like it, but too many belt marks, scars that I wanted to get rid off made me go for a complete refinish to Natural Oil. It´s body is...
  3. D

    Oil finish worn off

    Hi, new to the forum but a proud warwick owner for about 6 years... The question: I have a Corvette Standard 6 String that has about 10 years of use, natural oil finish. And as one would expect, the oil finish has started to wear off of the place right over the pickup where I place my thumb...
  4. nozkcb

    Oil, Wax or both?

    I have 3 older Warwick's all of which I picked up used so I'm not sure if they were waxed or oiled in the past. Any suggestions? I had a 92 Dolphin Pro i 5 a few years ago and I used Linseed oil and that looked pretty good. I want to protect the bass and would like for them to look pretty but...
  5. Crossdrop

    Natural Oil Finish

    Hey guys, here is just one question that came to my mind a few days ago, when I saw that you can order Amaranth / Purple Heart in the Custom Shop. As far as I know, Amaranth will loose its colour when being exposed to the sun. So usually, you cover it with an UV blocking finish. Now I know...
  6. T

    Natural oil finish -

    Hi, I have an 09 Corvette Zebrano $$ special edition. I'm slightly confused about how I'm supposed to wax it. Some people are telling me that I should wax the neck (not the fingerboard though, obv!) others are saying only the body needs waxing. Also should I really need to wax it once a...
  7. T

    1214380000GZASHAWW Streamer $$ 4 str., oil finish

    Does the Tone EQ work in passive mode as well in this model ?
  8. beda

    care for coloured oil finish

    hey chaps, is there really no care that i can give my ssII coloured oil finish? i mean, you aren´t allowed to wax it. so says the manual. but there must be something out there (some oil or something) that i can use... i feel really bad for not giving my bass any care :-) so...
  9. vpshockwave

    Sanding (Natura Oil Finish)

    Wow would you go about sanding the front of an SSI natural oil finish? Just to go a bit deeper and get some extra dirt out and such.
  10. G

    Oil Finish Ding Repair

    There once was a tech link regarding oil finish ding repair. I see it referenced in a few posts but it seems the link was removed or moved. Any one have that info? I have a '97 Corvette with a very small ding by the intonation screw on the "e" string (I wonder how that happened?!) Dang! I...
  11. BassMan77

    Lemon Oil...?

    Okay, so the title under my profile name is true, I am a Warwick newbie. Though I have been ogling over them for years, I finally got my first -a 2004 Corvette Standard 4-String Bubinga. I bought this 'wick from a pawn shop, and in damn near perfect condition. The previous owner must have...
  12. jcburn

    Refinishing an oil finish bass

    Has anyone ever successfully refinished an oil finish to high gloss. I realise I may be flamed over this and people may say 'why', but I've recently bought an LX broadneck, and the way I sweat at gigs is gonna ruin it.
  13. krkozbassman

    Oil vs. high polish

    Has anyone ever A-B switched a oiled Thumb (or any Wick) versus a high polish to hear a differnce the "sealed" finish makes (made from same woods). I love the shine of high polish but I think it will effect the sound and I never had the chance to play a high polish.
  14. Shoewreck

    Anyone tried sunflower oil for fretboard cleaning?

    Today I've checked all drugstores around and found no lemon oil there. So I tried cleaning the fretboard with refined sunflower oil (there always is some in kitchen). Pretty the same effect but cheaper and no nice odour.
  15. thndrstk6

    Oil, Satin, or Natural Satin finish on fretboards?

    This my have been brought up before but I was wondering if the custom shop will do oil, satin, or natural satin finishes on fretboards to match the body. I've seen a lot of cool looking flame maples that are dyed a color but the brown wenge (or sometimes ebony) fretboards seem to ruin the look...
  16. E

    Need coloured oil for repairs?! Bridge?

    See this post, last picture... http://www.warwick.de/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2732&highlight= Near the last cord between the pickup and neck, i have deep gouges where the colour has disappear. I need a way to repair this...without spending too much. Does Warwick sells touch up...
  17. W

    1986 Streamer Fretless lemon oil? polish? what do I use??

    Hey Guys, I just picked up my first Warwick- a fretless, neck through 1986 Streamer. The bass appears to be unfinished (although it could be a very light satin finish (polyurethane?). The body wood looks like cherry and the fretboard looks to be ebony. Although the bass is in excellent...
  18. O

    Removing a coloured oil finish

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how deep the coloured oil finish penetrates the wood. I would like to remove it to have the natural oil finish. Thanks for your help. :wink:
  19. K

    Cleaning a natural oil finish?

    A local dealer has a Katana NT in natural oil for sale pretty cheap, but it's been on the floor a while, and it's all smudged up. It also has a broken nut, but it's "new", i.e., never sold. I could probably get the price down under $1500, but I'd like to be able to get it clean. Is that possible?
  20. thndrstk6

    What is the proper oil for bass finishes?

    What kind of oil should I use to oil my bass? Is the fretboard lemon oil ok?
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