1. V

    Thumb BO bleach blonde 2003 LTD cost

    Can anyone here tell me what a Thumb BO bleach blonde 2003LTD cost? I want to find out what the going price for one of these is here in the US Thanks
  2. Shakin-Slim

    Fretless neck cost

    Anybody know how much it costs to get a fretless neck made? I tried to make an enquiry on the site but it didn't seem to let me. I'm looking to get a bolt on neck with ebony fingerboard and ovangkol neck for my Corvette Std. I've got an older one with a thinner neck and would want the same neck...
  3. phunku

    How Much would this bass cost?!

    Hi Guys! right, as im lefthanded, i cant get this bass unless i order it. so i was wondering if you lot knew by estimate, (the pricing system confuses me on the pricelist!) how much this would cost if i ordered it, in pound sterling please lads! so kind! Warwick Basses Amps & Rock'n Roll...
  4. Mr Bassman Sax

    Why does the Infinity cost so much?

    Why does the Infinity and other basses like the Buzzard and Stryker cost as much as they do? What makes them worth more than Streamers and such like?
  5. iuserneim

    how much does a refret job cost ?

    hi how much would it cost to get my old SSII refretted at warwick ?
  6. Mr Praline

    My dream Warwick would cost a lot...

    I just looked up the quotes on a bass spec'd to my liking through the CS. It came out 9045 retail. OUCH! Now, I know that the actual price would be a bit cheaper than that, but still. That is a LOT of money!:lol: This is what I spec'd: Streamer Stage II 5-string: - broadneck (20 mm)...
  7. P

    how much does a fretless warwick neck cost?

    i paid a visit to a local luthier here and hung out. he is an old friend. while chatting i happen to glance at something really weird which turn out to be a fretless (lined) warwick neck with ebony board and wenge errr neck!!!!!!....... i suspect a thumb bo 4 string was its original body it...
  8. S

    Anyone know rough cost of custom Fortress or Streamer?

    Hi all, I was looking at the custom shop options and was impressed with the choice, however looking at the price list, I didnt have a clue where to start with working out the costs. Has anyone had one of these little beauties made and can say roughly how much it cost, with maybe a screenie...
  9. flipper_gv

    star bass to cost 4k USD

    I saw that on talkbass. Dunno if it is true. I'd like to have a confirmation on this.
  10. Andrew O

    why does it cost to downgrade?

    i decided i may want passive pickups, but it costs more to do that. why? thats crazy!
  11. J

    Hey can some one guestamate how much this would cost?

    A Corvette $$ Ocean Blue 8) with Gold Hardware, with NT body, Blue LED Ying Yang in lays? with all every thing else standard? how much would that cost, cause thats what i want to put together.
  12. L

    Can Anyone Suggest A Cost For This?

    Thumb 4-String NT with gold hardware, lotus inlays and Burgundy Red oil finish (U.S. $)? I'd keep everything else standard. I don't know how much overall this would cost, but i'm curious.
  13. j rug

    What do you think this should cost?

    I'm looking at a used Streamer LX 6 Broadneck at a Guitar Center. They have it tagged at $1500 US. It's poorly set up but appears to be in very good condition. Does this sound like a reasonable price?
  14. bassplayer

    Your custom Warwick's cost

    As we have to wait for the custom shop's promised price list, I would like to know - and I believe that I'm not the only one who's interested in... - how much did you pay for your custom Warwick? To have a complete picture, please give us all the details, as follows: 1 - the bass [Streamer...
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