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The Heads Up Thread

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

By Grgzilla on Jan 12, 2010 at 3:23 AM
  1. Grgzilla


    Mar 5, 2006
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    sydney, australia
    I'm not affiliated with the sellers & cant vouch for their integrity & honesty,so please,BE VERY CAREFULL!!!
    I came across this Star Bass 2 bubinga for $1849US
    WARWICK STAR II 4 BASS GUITAR BUBINGA STORE DEMO MODEL - eBay (item 160361805692 end time Feb-07-10 13:13:44 PST)

    & this Buzzard that still hasnt reached it's reserve.
    BUZZARD by Warwick 4 string bass - eBay (item 180455323778 end time Jan-18-10 10:26:19 PST)

    Curtis,I usually dont link ebay adds here,but wouldnt be able to forgive myself if you came in here saying,"if only I knew about this".;)
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

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    1. Henrythe8
      Anyone know of a Thumb 5 BROADNECK ? Bolt-ON welcome (I don't think they ever made a NTBN, anyway).
      Theres one for sale in France, but the seller won't answer. Which is a shame, 900€ seems a fair price for it.
      Unlike the 5k€ for a REX Reverso. :)
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    2. kimgee
    3. Henrythe8
      Seen it, thanks. It IS a breoadneck.
      But Way too expensive, especially with taxes and shipping, alas.
    4. kimgee
      I don't know about the taxes, but the shipping should be free since he doesn't limit the sale to the USA. Also, it's been for sale for 9 months now and he might be getting anxious to sell it. Make him an offer......all he can say is no thanks. If, after you receive it, it's not as described, Reverb has your back.
    5. Hardy
    6. Henrythe8
      And it's sold... :)
      But not to me. I have seen one in Paris for 900€, but the guy doesn't really seems to be eager to sell. BArely answers mails, asked him four times for the weight already...
      I'll have one. That's why I haven't bought the Ibanez EDA905 near me.
    7. Stainless
    8. Madmaskbass
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    9. Narcdor
      I was so close to getting it with the idea to put the frets back in, but it sold. It popped up again and again then last time at $500 cheaper and sold straight away, which is what I was waiting for, ah well the quick and the dead.

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    10. Hoggles
      Hey everyone in Europe. Great deal on the 15th Wick made.

      So I technically owned this beauty for 3 days last week. Unfortunately, I decided to cancel the order, due to it being Brazilian Rosewood and the chance of it being seized, even with proper paperwork (which it might not have even been approved to leave the EU). Couldn't take the risk. I'm a bit gutted.

      This is the earliest Nobby I've ever seen in a picture. It has the flat top knobs and rear strap button on the back corner, instead of on the back. From what I can gather, this is the way version 1 of the Nobby was.

      It also came in fretless as an option and those look like the Schaller pups, which was also an option for the "Standard" model. It looks to be original and in great shape.

      They dropped the price to 999 pounds recently. Great deal for Warwick #15... and if you live in the EU, the Brazilian Rosewood may not be an issue. I'd hope.

      Warwick Nobby Meidel Fretless Bass Guitar - No 015 w/ Bag - 2nd Hand | Rich Tone Music


      Not sure what number Nobby is in this original advert, but I'd imagine it's low. Could even be #30, which looks to be what the grainy pic of the plate shows...


      Notice the flat top knobs AND strap knob on the bottom corner...also the same style pups as #15. Most likely the Schallers.

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    11. kimgee
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    12. Hardy
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    13. Hoggles
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    14. kimgee
      Sigh........I just couldn't resist.
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    15. Hoggles

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    16. kimgee
      Just got a call from the seller, BCR Music in Pennsylvania, and unfortunately they just discovered an issue withe the truss rod. They immediately refunded my money, before the call in fact, and the guy I dealt with, Jared, said they would attempt to correct the issue via repair or replacement and contact me when they were comfortable with shipping it out. They discovered the problem when they were installing fresh strings and doing a final setup. While that is bad news, the manner in which they handled the situation is very commendable in my opinion. Jared said they do mostly repair and mod work and seemed to be quite familiar with Warwicks, so it could still work out in a positive kinda way. Time will tell. But either way, it's nice to find reputable dealers and competent techs nowadays.

    17. Hoggles
      Sorry to hear it didn't work out, Kim. Hopefully they can fix it and sell it to you even cheaper :D

      I'm still a little amazed (slightly disappointed) that the 15th Warwick ever made is still sitting in a shop in Sheffield. It's probably from January/February '83. Come on Wick lovers in the EU....what are you waiting for?!?!

      To me, there is no better deal on any Wick, anywhere in the world, than that one. Collectors piece, worthy of the Warwick HQ showroom. And for that price, they're practically giving it away o_O

      It would even be worthy of Hardy's glass hardcase :eek::rolleyes::p
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    18. kimgee
      I just got an email from Jarred at BCR Music that is interesting. He said his techs are backed up and it will be at least a week before they can work on the Streamer, so he offered to sell the bass as is for $600 - or they will fix it and sell it to me for the original price in a couple weeks. He said that even though they checked it before they put it up for sale, and it worked, now the screw won't turn. Is the truss rod in that neck one of the replaceable ones? Has Warwick always installed dual action truss rods? Could the neck repair be causing a problem? I am kind of unsure on this one as I have never seen a Warwick that old. I am inclined to wait and let them repair it, but that could be quite the deal - especially if I could negotiate him down another $100 or so. What do you guys think?
    19. kimgee
      You got my attention! Who is selling the bass you described?
    20. Narcdor
      1982 to 1996 they are replaceable without removing the fretboard. For that price if you pass I’ll grab it any day if the week! Pass him to me!!! :D My fretless needs a fretted brother!