1. budget bassist

    Show us your rig!

    I don't think there's one of these threads lurking about anywhere, so what rigs do you guys play through? Feel free to provide a little explanation if you wish I'll start you off. So i'm currently using an Ashdown ABM 300 Evo II, my previous head (ashdown EB180) blew up so i got this instead...
  2. R

    Corvette FNA + TV Show+ Brazil

    Ok, this is me and my band which is called "Contra" appearing in a TV Show here in Brazil... It's a TV Show for independent bands, and it's all played live so, forgive us for any mistakes hahahaha... And, well, that's my FNA... It was a drop-C tunning, so the strings were kind of loose, but I...
  3. TylerDurdenPSSC

    Pimp Your Band's Next Show Thread?

    Why don't we have one of these!?!?!?!?!?! If it's cool with Flo and G, I think we oughtta start this going. I'll go first: When: September, 12, 2009 Where: Harry's Hideaway Location: Lima, Ohio, USA Entertainment: Live musical performances by "Storm Kills 4," "Auditory...
  4. gonzosc1

    cell phone cam of show this past weekend

    not the best sound but the song rocks. you metalheads will know this one. lucky for me the cam operator was standing in front of the PA subs and the bass is booming,...LOL he miss the first 15-20 seconds of the song though Video: Cover ; Matalica's Shortest Straw by Dogfight. von Jason -...
  5. James Hoy

    Show Your Pedalboards (Evo) Then

    I looked around and didn't see any post your pedalboard threads. This seemed like the appropriate subforum for it as well. I know that FX aren't for everyone, but if you love to caress your tone with stomp boxes or multi FX let's see them. I'll post mine as an evolution from the start, but if...
  6. W

    First show with my 'Wick

    Hell...first show for me in 12 years, so my BassFace isn't 100% yet....but the Thumb looks good. :)
  7. Florin

    Show us your baby then!

    This is Luca, Serial No B xxxxxx 06
  8. Florin

    London International Music Show 2009

    Finally! The annual London International Music Show will open its gates from June 11th to June 14th. Hundreds of exhibitors from all types of instrument and music-equipment manufacturers will present their newest products. Warwick / Framus will be on site with a 170m² booth. Of course, punchy...
  9. Lex

    ELIZABETH show @ Greenhouse NYC June 1st

    For those of you who live in the city:
  10. T

    Show us your Vintage Custom shops!

    I know Warwick didn't make many vintage customs but I have seen some strange variations over the years. If you have a bass that is out of the ordinary then post some pics please! I always like to see the cool older warwicks :d
  11. Josh Emmons

    show me your Thumb BO!

    Hi everyone! Well here it is my beautiful thumb bolt on. it is an 02 model, and still in great shape, for i invite you to show me your thumb bass... here are a few photos of my own thumb.
  12. TylerDurdenPSSC

    =Show Your Custom Single Cut Design!=

    Well, with the contest deadline lurking around the corner (Or already having passed, idk what time it is in Germany) I think it'd be fun for all of us to post up what we offered up! So let's see'em gentlemen!
  13. Pedro

    Show Us Your Band Then!

    Hey guys, thought it would be cool if everyone posted pics of bands they are (or have been) in. Doesn't matter if they are posed or live pics, i'll get the ball rolling with what is probably the most attractive bunch of chaps in England, Rundownjack!! The posed pic is with our old...
  14. Warwick_rocks

    New Years show

    Had fun with my Wick - We did 3 sets, mainly Classic Rock covers and some Modern - Always trying different amp configurations - This time used my Markbass CMD121P head into a SWR Triad I
  15. Stroud

    Warwick tone show off "Fly Too High" Another mix of this track will be going on the album. This is just a rough mix with the bass turned up BIG. Recording the bass was pretty interesting. I decided to record it in 6 or seven sections and all improvised. Most of the sections I...
  16. wilson

    2 vid from my last show with The Rotted - Thumb 6BN (Wacken)

    Alrighty Warwick bro's and sis! I am a terrible stranger to this forum, and I forget how good a place it is, and a wonderful bass resource! I found some footage (not great quality) from my last show at Wacken, and it just made me feel kinda cool! Trying not to be too self indulgent, I...
  17. J

    Just Wanted to show her off!!

    My streamer Jazzman. I love this one!!!
  18. Vinnie

    Show Us Your Non- Warwick Bass Then!

    Lets show off some of our basses without a big W on the headstock. :wink: I'll start it off with my Lakland. :D
  19. Pedro

    London International Music Show

    I went to the london international music show today and played a 'wick infinity for the first time, it was a custom 5 string with some funky features and I very nearly soiled my pants. I've never wanted anything quite so much and am considering selling my girlfriend and/or some of my less...
  20. C

    My biggest show yet!

    I found out that we're playing a show tomorrow... I found out about a week ago, But tonight I found out how many people will be there... They estimate between 600 and 1,000! They tell me this, The night before the show! We're playing a HUGE block party for multiple buisness's in that area...
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