1. JSmith

    Effects Pedal Cables

    Simple question, what do you guys like or use for effects pedal cables?
  2. blikeng

    Infinity with built-in distortion pedal!

    Hi there My 2002 Infinity NT sounds like it has its own distortion pedal installed :confused: The fuzzing/distortionlike effect hasn't been there before until recently. First I thought the battery had died, but after I changed it it kept on having this distortion! I've tried several batteries...
  3. B

    Warwick Pedal Board RB23100B

    Hi, I'm not sure where to put this question so applogies if its in the wrong section. I am trying to get hold of some power cables for my pedal board but i cant seem to find them anywhere. I need approx 6 of the cables that come out of the power supply on the board and into the effects...
  4. ectoflanger

    Boss bass synth SYB5 pedal

    Has anyone owned one? If so I would like to find out how many sounds it can produce.
  5. tombaker

    Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors Pedal

    I'm thinking of buying this pedal soon. Anyone had any experience with one? Pro's/Con's of the distortion and compressor? Cheers, Tom
  6. Andrew O

    I's gots a new pedal!

    Sorry for the LOL Cat sentence. I got a whammy pedal the other day! :D They're alot of fun to mess with, and the octave down will be cool for the hip hop inspired stuff I want to do. The octave up is cool for writing cool riffs too. The other settings (harmonizing, two octaves up, divebomb) are...
  7. K

    Overdrive and or Distortion pedal for Corvette Std 5

    Have any of you had good luck finding a good pedal for some mild, but gritty overdrive? I am also looking for a more Les Paul heavy distortion deep bass (non eaten by the effect) type sound. I have a sound in my head that I have not been able to duplicate with a pedal, but I think it could...
  8. Ramaq

    Pedal troubles :/

    Alright well this isn't really for my bass or anything but I got my microKORG and then my friend got me a Yamaha FC7 Pedal, but I don't know how to use the two together... Any help? Links and stuff would be helpful... Btw you guys are the most musically inclined thats why I ask here
  9. maddrakkett

    Option Knobs and More Pedal Mods

    My review of Option Knobs Learn more or order at I placed an order for 3 Option Knobs and they promptly arrived 3 days later. I've had a little time to try them on my pedals and they are really cool! I put one on the Time pot of my Line 6 ToneCore Echo Park and...
  10. maddrakkett

    Freaky FX Pedal Control

    I just ran across this site doing a Google search for effects pedal knobs: These are definitely "out there" but may be just what someone is looking for to control their FX pedal knobs with their feet...
  11. bassoctopus

    Which tuner pedal?

    I picked up a second hand Artec tuner pedal recently and have found it very poor for the low B - fine for a 4 string though. So which tuner pedals are people using for 5 strings?
  12. JUZ

    compression pedal?

    do they exist? does anyone now if any good ones and are they expenxive? thanks heaps!
  13. Andrew O

    good eq pedal

    i'm thinking about (for canadians:aboot) getting an eq pedal. preferably under 100 bucks. right now, my amp and bass only have treble and bass (oh the joys of vintage ampeg), and i need something to better enhance the growl. any ideas?
  14. kevcooke

    Pedal tuners

    I think now is a good a time as any to get a tuner I can actually use on stage. Obviously we know the boss pedal tuner is all good... but would it really be worth spending the extra cash on a Peterson Strobostomp2?
  15. evilsaint

    which one is the best bass preamp/DI pedal ?

    which one is the best bass preamp/DI pedal ? Love to hear your opinion. Anyway, I am very interesting about EBS Micro Bass II now. Anyone try it before ?
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