1. Cosmin Serban

    My Band, Astroprimate (instrumental Post-metal)

    I would like to introduce myself and my work as a bass player to this community. :) I play my RB Streamer 5 NT in a 3 members band: drums, guitar and myself. We've been playing together for over 10 years in other projects but we decided 2 years ago to do what we can in this small formula and...
  2. DiMarco

    The Gentle Art Of Sounding Filthy

    When it comes to dirtboxes, I have been around. Here's what I know. I share this for those who struggle choosing the right overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals. Often on the bass forums I see people asking questions like "what is the best overdrive for bass?" Well tadaaaaa - There isn't any...
  3. SalvaDox

    warwick take 12.1 fuzz

    Hello guys, I just bought a warwick take 12.1 and played a bit with my bass on it, i can hear the notes i play clearly but there is a small distorstion/fuzz sound on the background a bit hard to hear maybe but it is there, is it becoz of the gain? this is the second warwick take 12.1...
  4. James Hoy

    98 Warwick Thumb BO 5 string soundclips (Some OD and Fuzz too)

    These are some tracks that I recorded for various reasons over at the TalkBass forums. These first two clips are what my Thumb sounds like with a brand spanking new set of Warwick Black Label Mediums. Also a little compression courtesy of a Boss LMB-3 on the first track. (I get a little...
  5. W

    corvette $$ nt ash fuzz

    im getting heaps of fuz if i dont run the pickups the same when i use the switchs or if i pan the pick up to the neck or bridge
  6. W

    vamp fuzz

    hi im getting alot of fuz in my vampyre rock bass when i runn the pick up pan all the way in the back or in the middel with full trebel ive chaned the batterie and gone in a number of difret amps help
  7. mala

    FUZZ Gothenburg Guitar Show 5-6 MAy 2007

    Anyone coming? It's gonna be great this year with lots of manufactures and high level clinics. Link http://www.fuzzguitarshow.com/ In the upper right corner there is an english version. The program is not set yet but will be updated all the time. Probably mostly guitars, bot new and vintage...
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