1. lexefx

    Wtb Dust Covers For Hi, Lo & Club Cabs.

    Looking for the Warwick covers. RB 82200 B x2 RB 82201 B x1 Shipping to 60030 USA - let me know if you have them.
  2. florain

    My Work: florainbass - Warwick Streamer Bass guitar

    Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime my youtube channel :arrow:
  3. H

    Replacing Electronic Compartment Cover with Modern Clip Style

    I play an active which doesn't have a separate battery compartment and am wondering whether it's possible to replace the old style plate that screw on with the new clip on one? Could perhaps be more hassle than it is worth but am intrigued how the clip styled one is held in place? Hope...
  4. hoot!

    Pickup Cover Scracthes

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post in, but here goes nothing... I once decided to be nice and give my $$ to a friend for a gig since she didn't have a bass at that moment. She's a great bassist but she mains picks. So there I see her, banging my 'Wick and when she gave me my bass back...
  5. BrickIsRed

    Primus love. (Shake Hands With Beef)

    Stream/download here! It's been a while. I stopped playing bass for almost a year, but now I'm back and recorded this song to help get my chops back. :lol: The cover is in a lower key than the original. If your speakers don't have much bass, my vocals will probably sound completely off...
  6. pertyman

    New 311 cover video
  7. KineticX49

    Mr Moon cover, $$ 5

    Yep, noobie me is posting another clip already. Found the backing track to Mr Moon on Stuzender forum and couldn't resist. Again, unplanned and purely improv. This time it's all neck pickup in serial, slightly boosted bass and slightly cut treble. Nice Zender-ish tone.
  8. schlobodan

    Mother of Pearl Truss Rod Cover

    Hi, I have one bass with a MOP Trussrod cover. I have seen this only on the 5th Anni and a bass from the Scorpions bass player - Francis Buchholz Was this a vintage custom indicator or option? Anyone who has a bass with one of these?
  9. R

    Looking for a 1991 Dolphin Pro I battery cover.

    Hello fellow Warwick enthusiasts, I'm looking for the battery cover of my Dolphin Pro I. I know it is a very old model, so please let me know where can I get one. write me here or @ [email protected]
  10. C

    Truss Rod Cover????

    Hi...just got a great deal on a warwick but its missing the truss rod cover..Anyone know how much one would cost for a corvette in US dollars????? i checked it out but its in euros and i have no idea how much it cost to be shipped to massachusetts....thanks
  11. thndrstk6

    White pickups and/or truss cover and nut?

    I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to order white pickups, truss covers, or nut's but why not? They make wood covered pickups how hard would it be to make white one. Anyways... how would you go about making them white? What kind of paint would work and stay on well?
  12. M Maverick

    Wooden trussrod cover?

    Hey guys, I don't know if this has been discussed before but there's a CS Streamer LX in the Gallery with a wooden trussrod cover that matches the headstock veneer: It's CS Bass #230 What exactly is up with this bass?
  13. F

    Where to get new electronics comp. cover?

    I am in the process of procuring a slightly used active 'Vette(to go with my passive one of course :wink: ) - it is in basically perfect shape, except that one of the tabs on the electronics-cover is badly buggered and about to fall off. I know it is no big deal, but little things like that...
  14. A

    Fortress with a cover

    Something I've never seen before, did this guy add the cover,is that stock or at least an option...This one Not quite my cup off coffee...
  15. schlobodan

    Truss Rod Cover for early Streamer

    Hi there I am looking for a Truss Rod Cover for my recently aquired Streamer No. 022. the nut has been replaced with a Jan 1 (I want to keep it that way) Would it be possible to get a replacement (the Webshop offers only new ones) cheers
  16. nicko2711

    Streamer Battery Cover

    Hi Does anyone know where I might get a replacement battery cover for my '89 Streamer?
  17. kevcooke

    New cover tune I'm working on...

    Iris, goo goo dolls! A live like recording of mee practising it. Will only be up there for a little while to see how you guys think it works... Let me know, please :)
  18. C

    Back cover replacement

    I have a Rockbass Corvette with the Warwick snap on cover, but I lost the cover. Any ideas on where to get a replacement?
  19. olistorck

    battery cover for ss1

    I bought a 1987 SS 1 with a missing battery cover. Anyone know where I could get a replacement. Custom shop is not answering. Thanx. Oliver
  20. C

    My new wenge trussrod cover...

    Well I went through all those blocks of ovankol with no luck. And a new set of wenge blocks showed up in the mail... I decided to make something easy... A wenge trussrod cover and surprisingly wenge is so much easier to work with than ovankol, Go figure! Well below is a few pics through the...
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