1. Bademeister

    Cleaning A Bass

    Hi, my Infinity Zebrano has finally arrived from Portugal. It is in good overall condition, but I would like to clean it before doing the usual waxing / lemon oil ceremony. What is your experience and recommendations for that kind of cleaning for body / neck / frets? Thank you.
  2. Augie

    Cleaning an amp

    Is there anything i can do to clean out an old amp? I have heard of flushing pots and blowing the inside out with compressed air but am not sure if its worth it. I just bought a new head on ebay and unless i am severely disappointed i will be selling my old Carvin R1000. I've had it for years...
  3. Augie

    Cuts, bandaids and buggered strings- warnings and advice

    Here's the story, being an combination of clumsy, unlucky and with a a tendency to do dumb stuff i end up with lots of little cuts. often on my fingers. This happened this very morn, gash across the tip of my left index, with rehearsal this eve. crap. :confused: i ended up putting a bandaid on...
  4. N


    Hi everybody, my second post here and i must say, you get some really helpful information around here, I have a Warwick fortress one with a wenge wood neck, i want to clean it up, and i got Ernie ball wonder wipes fretboard conditioner... does anyone know if it wil be good for my wenge...
  5. D

    Cleaning Bubinga

    What product other than beeswax is recommended for Bubinga wood?
  6. T

    Wenge Fretboard Cleaning?

    So ive been noticing that my fingerboard has been getting pretty nasty and gunky. Will traditional methods like steel wool/Dunlop formula 1/2 be ok for it? Im just wondering because its a Wenge board, and i dont know whether its going to hurt it or not
  7. silvercorn

    Fretboard care: Wenge

    Hi, I am wondering what the best process to take care of the wenge fretboard on my Streamer Stage I is? The supplied manual states using 'special oil' but doesn't give any more hints than that. I usually use lemon oil on my rosewoods but have never owned wenge before now. Any tips? All the...
  8. BrickIsRed

    Cleaning up excess dried wax?

    I noticed there's ugly patches of dry wax on the body of my Corvette that haven't been absorbed. What's the best way to clean it off?
  9. gerardoz

    2003 Ltd Bleached Blonde Thumb BO - Cleaning

    Hi All, Just got my first Warwick today - A brand new 2003 Ltd Thumb BO (previous owner purchased and put it under his bed - what a waste...) Can you tell me with the finish on these what is the best way to clean? Cheers Gerry - Australia:lol:
  10. MaxOnBass

    string cleaning/cooking?

    ok guys, need some suggestions and info about this subject.. do you cook your strings or clean them in alcohol? what are the ups/downs? what to use? and so on... thank you in advance :)
  11. Gastrok

    Cleaning strings with electronics cleaner?

    I just waxed and oiled my 5-stringer corvette and the strings are off...I'm tempted to blast 'em with some Radio Shack Precision Electronics cleaner. My instinct is telling me it would removed any "gunk" that's built up on the strings (they're about 5-6 weeks old)...what do you folks think?
  12. N

    Cleaning of the frets

    Hi, The brass frets on my vette $$ are really dirty, I was wondering what do you guys use to clean the frets....
  13. herb vibes

    general cleaning

    yo guys gotta gig next friday so i'm preparing my main-basses. i was quite bored today so i took some picture of this story, maybe it can be helpful for some of u guys:) cheers!
  14. Shoewreck

    Anyone tried sunflower oil for fretboard cleaning?

    Today I've checked all drugstores around and found no lemon oil there. So I tried cleaning the fretboard with refined sunflower oil (there always is some in kitchen). Pretty the same effect but cheaper and no nice odour.
  15. Q

    Cleaning up an infinity

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this forum so please bear with me! I've got a 2000 Infinity that I havent played for a couple of years as Ive been living in another country. I had it shipped to me recently and it needs a bit of TLC before I play it again.. Ive cleaned the fretboard and frets...
  16. K

    Cleaning a natural oil finish?

    A local dealer has a Katana NT in natural oil for sale pretty cheap, but it's been on the floor a while, and it's all smudged up. It also has a broken nut, but it's "new", i.e., never sold. I could probably get the price down under $1500, but I'd like to be able to get it clean. Is that possible?
  17. BenF

    Methylated Spirits (Cleaning strings)

    Has anyone tried it? I've heard of boiling strings and that it doesn't really helped. I researched and found this site that told me another way which is basically making a container out of PVC pipe, filling it with Methylated spirits and letting the strings soak for 12-24 hours. I just...
  18. andykciuk

    Neck cleaning.

    Hi, What should I use for cleaning the back of the neck? It got very greasy and very uncomfortable to play after years of use. I have to say that I never cleaned/waxed my Wick, shame on me... :oops:
  19. Gerry

    Cleaning with Orange oil?

    Guess I shouldn't have skipped over most of the "fretboard cleaning" posts. I want to clean the rosewood board on one of my basses and the store is closed. I found some "Orange Glo" wood cleaner and conditioner but it says not for use on unfinished or laquered surfaces. Is a rosewood board...
  20. G

    cleaning the wood

    Is there any way to clean those slap marks on the wood?
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