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The Heads Up Thread

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

By Grgzilla on Jan 12, 2010 at 3:23 AM
  1. Grgzilla


    Mar 5, 2006
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    sydney, australia
    I'm not affiliated with the sellers & cant vouch for their integrity & honesty,so please,BE VERY CAREFULL!!!
    I came across this Star Bass 2 bubinga for $1849US
    WARWICK STAR II 4 BASS GUITAR BUBINGA STORE DEMO MODEL - eBay (item 160361805692 end time Feb-07-10 13:13:44 PST)

    & this Buzzard that still hasnt reached it's reserve.
    BUZZARD by Warwick 4 string bass - eBay (item 180455323778 end time Jan-18-10 10:26:19 PST)

    Curtis,I usually dont link ebay adds here,but wouldnt be able to forgive myself if you came in here saying,"if only I knew about this".;)
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

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    3. Hoggles
      Yeah, this one has been discussed (black paddle Streamer). In addition to the pup mod, it's (obviously) aftermarket paint. Regardless of the mod, one way to help determine original paint on a Wick, is where the fretboard meets the body. The paint typically wouldn't go all the way to edge of the board itself. Just the clear coat would go to the edge. There would be a slight curve to the paint in that area as well. If that makes sense. On the modded one, paint goes to top edge of the board...straight across.

      Example of a paddle head with original paint. Notice that spot.

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    6. steembass
      „Ferrari“-Red like my Thumb 5 from 1986
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    7. steembass
      could be a nice restoration project if it goes at a much much lower price:cool:o_O
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    8. Hardy
      It’s a very bad work. Doesn’t look like a factory mod to me.
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    9. BrusselsBass
      Had similar thoughts - strip it, wax it, and put a nice pick guard. For this, the price would need to be well under 1K.
      Maybe we should open a thread =The Franken-Wick Club= ?? :)
      Screenshot_20210305-080953_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg
      Screenshot_20210305-081656_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg
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    10. steembass
      good idea!!
    11. steembass
      @Hardy: absolutely agree. The seller tells another story: all mods at Warwick..I also dont believe. Just wants to justify his price offer;):confused::cool::p:rolleyes:
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      need to shoot some more good pictures of the Thumb;)
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    17. Hoggles
      Yes, many pictures. We love pictures! :)

      It was pre-pandemia last I took a family photo. Might need to reaffirm my street cred and post some recent pics. :cool: Because, ya know, so much has changed.... New strings on one of them, roughly a year ago!! :eek:

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    18. Nachobassman
      Hola, amigos. Since father Henry already stepped out from buying this LOLphin I think it is fair to post this info to whomever finds it useful.

      Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and feeling on the bass and I'm NOT a professional luthier.

      Here we go:

      "About the bass:

      At first sight it looks like a true "road worn" bass, the clerk told me it's been toured (and maybe, abused) for many years on stages all around Spain and who knows where else.
      The finish has lots of scratches, although I can't remember any major ding on it. It has two big and round dark spots on the body were used to be some stickers.
      Gold hardware has the usual "faded-out" colour from an old bass. All 5 tuners have the "West Germany" marks on them, and the broadneck 5-string bridge has the "W" on the center of the tailpiece.
      The bass comes with recessed strap locks (TBH I forgot to ask if they have the strap pieces).

      On the back of the body there are two plastic electronic compartments, the usual compartment for pre-amp, pots and 9V battery; and a square one for three 9V batteries, so I guess the bass has LEDs (I bet that's what the switch in the front is for).
      Important note: both compartment covers are held with black duct tape. (MOJO!)

      The bass weights A TON, I thought my Infinity was heavy, NO!, that LOLphin is heavy AF :D; and the broadneck is broad. Compared to my Infinity, again, it feels like a bass for a bigger human, and I am 1,89m tall with large hands, go figure.

      The electronics works fine, all pots work as expected but it may need some cleaning, you know, te classic "old and scratchy" pots. The bass has lots of output, those Barts are hot!

      Frets look ok, but I could not tell you how much life do they still have. I'm no expert.

      OK, let's get down to business here, let's talk about the neck, the repair and bass setup/action.
      The repair looks and feels a little messy, TBH, but in my opinion is a decent repair (not pretty) that works.
      The guy told me the truss-rod is maxed out and it is not working. Indeed, the word "alma" (soul) is the word used in Spain for a guitar's "truss-rod".

      As you could imagine, and it's hard to see in the pics, the action in the bass is high, the neck doesn't look that bowed, but I guess it will need lots of work to get it a little more straight. The bridge is set very high too, to compensate for the lack of truss-rod action.

      My conclusions:
      Is a beast of a bass, she screams "real Warwick!" all around the place. All the scratches, duct tape and sticker marks add a very cool MOJO to her.
      If I were looking for a vintage LOLphin this could be a perfect candidate, BUT, to be honest I think they are asking too much money because it has important issues, and if I would invest many bottle caps taking her to a competent luthier to fix its "alma"; I won't pay 1800€* (*this was the price listed on their website at the moment I checked before writing down this info, they already had it at 1500€ on REVERB but I didn't know).
      BTW, the guy told me 1500€, fairly negotiable. Guess this is the price for local buyers.

      Well, I think I wrote down everything I checked about her, hope it helps.
      The shop is very nice and they have some cool gear, like a candystore for musicians."
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    19. steembass
      thanks for your great review!
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    20. BrusselsBass
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