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The Heads Up Thread

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

By Grgzilla on Jan 12, 2010 at 3:23 AM
  1. Grgzilla


    Mar 5, 2006
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    sydney, australia
    I'm not affiliated with the sellers & cant vouch for their integrity & honesty,so please,BE VERY CAREFULL!!!
    I came across this Star Bass 2 bubinga for $1849US
    WARWICK STAR II 4 BASS GUITAR BUBINGA STORE DEMO MODEL - eBay (item 160361805692 end time Feb-07-10 13:13:44 PST)

    & this Buzzard that still hasnt reached it's reserve.
    BUZZARD by Warwick 4 string bass - eBay (item 180455323778 end time Jan-18-10 10:26:19 PST)

    Curtis,I usually dont link ebay adds here,but wouldnt be able to forgive myself if you came in here saying,"if only I knew about this".;)
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Grgzilla, Jan 12, 2010.

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    1. Hardy
    2. Gnermo
      Thats like, three strings too many :D
    3. Hoggles
      For friends in Europe especially... There are two '86 Streamers over on "The Gallery" (London) that have been for sale for a while now. I'm a little surprised the Red fretless hasn't been swiped up yet. It's got the switchable SD pups and is quite minty looking. Pretty close to the transition from Spector heads, as it has the modern headstock shape, yet the tuners are straight still. Seems like a respectable price for that one at least. £1200.

      Warwick Streamer Fretless 1986

      Their other '86 also has the modern headstock, with straight tuners. Pretty cool. Not sure why they are asking so much more for this one, as it has what looks to be the common neck fracture (they might not be aware)...but still quite collectable.

      Warwick Streamer 1986

      That candy red one though... o_O:eek::rolleyes::D Ridiculously sexy. Possibly close to the '86, that Schlo sold a few years back, with the same kind of silver/gold flake sparkle in the paint. He said that HP called it "custom shop baby steps" haha.
      FS 1986 Streamer Bass Fretless Black Gold Sparkle Finish Custom
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    4. Hardy
      Rare chance on one of the 150 „Infinettes“. The fretboard is not original since the truss rod was broken and needed repair.


      Warwick Streamer Corvette Ltd. Modell 91, 1.500 € VB

      Warwick Streamer Corvette Ltd. Modell 91
    5. Hardy
    6. LukeFRC
      Warwickhunt is also selling one of his two
    7. Hardy
      Which one?
    8. Hoggles
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    9. Hoggles
      '97 Fortress R&B

      A quick Google search shows several posts on the old official forum, with people wondering what it is (like me). As far as I can tell...there weren't many made (maybe only 20). Main thing that distinguishes it from the Fortress One...is the Ash body and passive pups.

      Here's a quote that was posted long ago by WarwickOfficial on Talkbass...

      "The Fortress R&B model was produced in the 90's, and only about 20 or so pieces were made. Most featured an Ash body, and passive P/J pickups."

      The price this person is asking is a bit steep I think. Regardless...a pretty rare 90's Wick. I had never heard of this model Fortress. Pretty cool.

      Warwick R&B Fortress made in Germany 1997 | More Music

      hm9nfw1dryiaoypifd1o.jpg xucllrjx7fantvaaayz9.jpg
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    10. jester
      Wow, never knew this existed. I wonder why the run was so limited.
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    11. Hoggles
      Yeah, I would have sworn I knew of every Wick model/model variant that ever was at this point. Especially from the 80's/90's. I was very surprised when this popped up.

      Maybe it's the precursor to the Special Editions...or the specific regional SE's. Lots of examples of those of course.
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    12. kimgee
      I didn't know they made so few of them. I would think a production run that small would not be very profitable.
      They also made a fretless version:

      royotf0pwyiyltvcymeg.jpg th15enf5nb8itathb80p.jpg
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    13. Stainless
      Wow interesting, I never heard of them.
      Anyone knows why the first Fortress Ones (93) have been painted black glossy with gaps for the upper strings?
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    14. jester
    15. Stainless
      Little notches on both side of the neck.
    16. Hoggles
      I can't see what you're talking about in that pic. It didn't load right. It's very small. The new server hosted picture rules are a pain, but you should be able to upload a higher resolution picture of this, straight to the server via "upload a file".

      Of course, if you've been banging your head against the wall trying to get a picture to upload, via "upload a file" and you're currently saying to yourself... Jesus Hoggles, chill out.... and you also pride yourself as being "tech savvy"....
      I feel your pain o_O :rolleyes: :D
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    17. Narcdor
      Cutaways are more pronounced into the body on either side of the neck.
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    18. Hoggles
      Ohhhh I see now! Thanks!
    19. Stainless
      Cutaways that was the word I was searching for.
      Just a right klick on the and show the picture, than you can see it in a nice resolution. Or wait, yes I can upload it also :)
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    20. Hoggles
      So weird. Only when I quote you, can I gain access to the pic.

      Yeah, those cutaways are interesting.
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