Incoming!!! (show Us Your New Stuff Before You Actually Have It)

Feb 4, 2021
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OK, so how about showing what I've ordered that is still on it's way and hasn't got to the store yet, but they made an invoice for me and I pay can on it through PayPal any time and any amount I want and when it gets here start a 90-day layaway... uhhh... that item (??) -- I decided to pull the trigger on a G&L Tribute L-2500 5-string. G&L uses the same pickups and preamp/contraols in this model as they do their USA model. So, I decided to pull the trigger. It's supposed to arrive "any day" along with a whole container full of G&L Tribute stuff at the store I am dealing with.

If you haven't noticed... ordering stuff is pretty ridiculous right now. I just heard from a reliable source store owner (large mom and pop who's been in business since 1988) that Gibson/Epiphone/Mesa-Boogie are not even taking any orders right now. And, some manufacturers are taking order right now (August, 2021) for 2023 !!! So if you see something you want and it's in stock you might wanna grab it...

Here's a picture of one of the Tribute L-2500s in the redburst color that is on its way... (on the setup desk at G&L from their Facebook page)

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I owned one of those as my very first bass. It was definitely a solid instrument with a good variety of sounds. Hope you enjoy!
Oct 11, 2019
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This isn't a bass but it is an in-coming for this comeing Wednesday (9/1/21)). I found this Epiphone BB King Lucile on Facebook Marketplace several months ago. It turned out to be residing temporarily at a pawn shop south of where I live. I really love guitars with switchy-things n board and this one fit the bill for switchies with the 6-way rotary "Varitone". Pretty much the same set up as the Gibson version, it even has a TP-6 fine tuning tail piece (I have a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Artisan with that tail piece, they work great for tweaking in the tuning). I guess the only other amazing thing (in today's world) is that it comes with a hard case, too. I don't think it is an Epiphone hard case, but just finding a guitar with a hard case these days seems to be a chore (I wonder if we can thank Guitar Center for starting that trend... they'd sell you a guitar, even a top of the line Gibson, etc... then want to sell you the case with it... or let you take it home with no case... even if the guitar came from the factory with a case (like seems like most used to do)

Here's my new (to me) 2010 Lucille

Epiphone Lucille - 01.jpg

Epiphone Lucille - 03.jpg

Epiphone Lucille - 06 - headstock.jpg

The only thing it is lacking is the original brass BB King trussrod cover. Nobody seems to know what happened to the original from Epiphone. Coould be this one year they didn't do that trussrod cover, but any of the others I've seen online (from Epiphone) all have the brass "B.B. King" engraved trussrod cover...

I think I did alright price-wise... I coughed up $500 cash, including tax... sporting a view over on Reverb, typically folks are asking for more than that on the Epiphone Lucilles...


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Jul 4, 2007
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Never enough money, always bored!
In my defense, i didn't go on any sort of holiday in 2019 and obviously 2020. So that's quite a lot of money saved :)
Well, that's a good way to invest that money, indeed :)
Jan 26, 2014
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Behringer make lots of fine pedals, just don't go to hard on them because they don't like any kind of abuse.
They even have clones of some extremely rare pedals, for crazy low prices.

The SF300 is a 1:1 clone of the crazy rare Boss FZ-2, the BSY600 is a clone of a Boss SYB-5 and such. I've used them for a while when i was a student, worked perfectly.


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May 23, 2008
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Hmm, ordered something with D and G and M and X and U at the T. Much too expensive imo but worth a try. If it´s not working miracles I still can send it back.
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