1. O

    Want 5 String Triumph Eub Bass

    I am looking for a Triumph Bass in the 5 string version if possible. I am not looking for a Triumph Lite (they only have 4 strings anyway), but could consider a framus vintage 4 string triumph.
  2. L

    Need Recent Feed Back About Triumph Rockbass + Price Info

    Hello Folks, I'm owner of an acoustic db, I'm interessted by an EUB ( not too exepensive) for some gigs and venues ( easiest to "manage", transport, amplification etc etc ) . I'm ok with the fact " that It will never sounds like a acoustic). I like the triumph concept,I'm considering also the...
  3. Augie

    So Lee Sklar did this now....

    Anyone seen this yet: That is unique to say the least! Aluminim board with fret lines ( although i cant pick them out in the pics) and a red chrome finish! So what do you recon...
  4. schlobodan

    Triumph Body Rest??????

    HI, I am thinking of buying a used Triumph. I tried the bass today but couldn't adjust the body rest in a way that it feels comfortable. How is this supposed to work?? thanks for your advice cheers
  5. P

    Upright Question (triumph of course)

    Hey when I turn up the acoustic pick up I get a strange punch sound. And if you tap the pickup it blasts the sound. Like you were virtually hitting or punching the pickup. It worries me. Also, when playing through an amp, I can get barely any volume even with the electric pickup on. Any...
  6. P

    =The Triumph Club=

    Hey I know this is obscure but for those who are lucky enough to have gotten their hands on one of these, heres to you! There it is.
  7. B

    Audio of a Triumph

    Anybody got a clip of a Triumph?
  8. jay

    Used Triumph worth This thing worth $400? ...
  9. L

    Triumph E-Upright

    Greetings. This bass of a batch production? How many it costs? Who knows where in America it can be bought? I wish it to buy! Forgive for literacy, I use the translator. :roll:
  10. Y

    magnetic pickup of warwick triumph?

    hello, i play a warwick triumph warwick upright 4. it has great sound with the piezo pickup. but when i use the magnetic pickup, i observe, that the pickup vibrates when i plug the low e string, and this gets amplified and does not sound good. when i hold the pickup it does not vibrate...
  11. A


    This summer I'm planning on buying a new bass and I've always wanted an EUB, and since I love the sound, feel, and look of warwicks, I was thinking of purchasing the Triumph. I've heard some mixed reviews on various other websites and forums, so I was curious as to what you Warwick players...
  12. D

    Warwick Triumph's??????? what's your view??????

    Saw these at the musikmesse, they look awesome, dunno wot they sound like though, cos i was unable to plug one in, anybody heard or played them? whats your views?
  13. B

    Warwick Triumph

    Hi! I'm planning to buy the warwick Triumph 5 string. Does anyone has made experiences with this instrument? I'm playing jazz&big band music and I'm looking guys who can give me feedback! thx alot, Johannes
  14. Standpipe

    Any audio of the Warwick Triumph upright?

    I've been looking at maybe purchasing the Triumph upright....however, these kinds of instruments are rare to find in any storefront setup. I don't expect to find one easily, without ordering direct. I don't want to do this without getting my hands on one, or at the VERY least HEARING one...
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