1. DiMarco

    Which Warwick Bass is the big number 1?

    The mighty Dolphin Pro I has always been my number one "wanna have" bass and I'm wondering which Wick "does it" for you chaps. So: If you had no Warwick yet, or if you have no Warwick yet, which (current) model would be numero uno on your wishlist? Vote please! Cheers, Marco
  2. L

    Serial number quandry

    Hi I am a bit puzzled about the serial number on my Warwick Fortress One. It starts with B and the last 2 digits are 05, which would indicate Feb '05? However, i assume the Fortress was long discontinued by then, so i was wondering whether the neck was from a different bass? I took the neck...
  3. J

    My serial number..

    Hello members, I am the proud owner of a warwick thumb 5! my FNA limited addition has a new buddy. I was wondering if anyone can help with the serial number,I did try to put it in the search box but it did not generate a date. The number is C 036333 97 maybe it's an old tank...
  4. Gastrok

    Serial Number Lookup tool

    Here's a nice little tool I just stumbled on while cruising the Warwick site: Warwick Basses Amps & Rock'n Roll
  5. allthumbs

    Vintage Buzzard Serial Number

    OK, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I will soon be in possession of a vintage Buzzard 4-string. It has the original one-piece bridge. It will be here in a few days. It is painted (red); where will i find the serial number? BTW, it was apparently signed by Entwhistle at one...
  6. T

    CS option question number 5,356,212

    I'm sure this has been asked; and I'm sure a post that starts "I'm sure this has been asked" guarantees its been asked. So not only is this my first post - its my first "I'm sure this has been asked but" post. So here goes: On a NT Corvette can you get wood that is not in the CS Info...
  7. BassPlyr Randy

    Post Number 500

    This post is post number 500 for me, and as such, thought I should make it something special. But now that I sit here with fingers poised to spring into some inspiring words of wisdom or comedic brilliance; nothing springs to mind. I really thought it would be cool to be able to announce the...
  8. thepurplepea

    New SS1 5...serial number?

    Hi all, Today is a good day - my new SS1 5 just arrived....such a beaut! The serial number begins with "M" which is the 13th letter of the alphabet - so what month is this? Or do they ommit "I" or something?! Such a beauty...
  9. Eberbachl

    Warwick Newsletter Number 4

    Great to see the newsletter - a nice read. I must say I was pleased to see some mention of the humble Blue Cab series! They're my favourite amps :D I'd like to see more. ;)
  10. BassPlyr Randy

    Number 100

    Just noticed my last post was #99, so Sorry, I just had to do it. Post #100. So does anything magical happen like the heavens parting and the angels singing and I'm instantaneously filled with all the knowledge in the world worth knowing? Perhaps my hitting post #100 will trigger world peace...
  11. Z3r0_G

    Which part number do i get?

    Hey guys, it seems like i've put off fixing up my truss rod for too long. I've emailed warwick about my worn truss rod nut and HP wilfer replied, suggesting i replace the whole neck. I don't really want to go through my dealer and a new neck really costs too much so I am deciding to buy...
  12. olsack

    Corvette $$ LTD UK - I've got number 4 of 7!

    Well, after 6 months of looking, trying and being generally indecisive in my search for a new bass, I got a great deal on a Warwick Corvette $$ LTD UK from The Bass Centre in London. It was sold to me at a reduced cost because of some minor (and I mean minor!) scratches and white marks on the...
  13. azzyrazzy

    Bartolini soapbar model number on the old Dolphin

    Quick question. On my 1991 Dolphin 5, there are Bartolini soapbars. Can anyone tell me the model number on these pickups? Thanks
  14. B

    Little problem with my serial number

    Hello Warwickophiles :) I need your help with serial number of my bass. I search the forum and I know to how read it but there is one problem. My serial is: M25990 and we all know that the letter "M" is 13th so in what month my bass was made. It can't be fake. Thanks for help. Cheers :)...
  15. Doog

    Warwick number 2: Streamer Standard

    I know I barely got the Dolphin, but I've been gassing for a Streamer almost as much. Did my usual search on Ebay for Streamer in musocal instruments, saw one listed as a Warwick Streamer, no bids, less than a day to go, $250 starting price. Needless to say I checked it out. The description...
  16. D

    06 Dirty Blonde Serial Number Question

    I searched on this one but not seeing an answer. I'm sure this one has to have been covered before so sorry in advance. My 2006 Dirty Blonde 4 string shows a serial number in two ways: > 2006/6/251 > J 006251 06 I'm trying to understand this serial number, how many were made, and...
  17. B

    Dolphin's serial number

    Is there any way to get information about a Dolphin with the serial number-G06465599? It's a custom of some sort: birdseye maple body, wenge neck, hipshot d-tuner. I just bought it, should arrive Friday.
  18. A

    Thumb 5 NT - Strange serial number

    Hello everybody! Who can tell me about this number It is not like "А(month)-xxxxxx-96(year)" Please, help me, because I ordered this bass
  19. D

    serial number

    I am currently buying a used warwick streamer and I am wondering if there is away I can check the serial number that the bass comes with
  20. S

    Mystery Thumb Serial Number?? - PLEASE HELP ME :-(

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum although I am a TalkBass Regular if anyone recognises my name. I have a 4 string NT thumb which I am having a struggle ID'ing. The serial number is not in the same X-####-YY format (x is month, a=jan etc and YY is year) as my 5 string bolt on...
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