1. T

    I feel so....DIRTY! (non-warwick content, pic, sound clips)

    Just got this bass in today. It's a 1991 Modulus Quantum, with Lane Poor picks. It has a walnut top, alder body, and purple heart strip. I needed something a little bit more comfortable than the Thumb, as my hands have been aching lately, and this Mod seems to fit the bill. Obviously it will...
  2. Vinnie

    Show Us Your Non- Warwick Bass Then!

    Lets show off some of our basses without a big W on the headstock. :wink: I'll start it off with my Lakland. :D
  3. kevcooke

    Warwick Tubepath 5.1 (non-Warwick bass)

    An ESP J-Five.... My new baby These are the pics the guy took for me, I'll do my own tomorrow or something. I was offered this bass in exchange for my Yamaha TRB1006. Anyway
  4. JanVanHove

    My future bass... (non-warwick content...)

    Some of you know that i'm getting a monter built : A Knuckle Quake 8-string octave down 39.55"-scale bass... I just gotten those profiles from the luthier... Maybe not very exiting to you guys, buy I'm quite happy to see this project one step closer to completion... Right now, my...
  5. T

    A badass non-Warwick bass! Sorry

    This here is my main bass. I like it a lot because it is very light weight and plays like a dream. It is a custom Benavente 219 bass with a mohogany body, wenge top and a 5 piece flame maple/wenge neck. It also has an ebony fretboard with a custom inlay at the 12th. It has EMGs with a 3 band EMG...
  6. K

    Non-Warwick bag w/ lots of padding & pockets/storage

    I have been searching for an economical (+/- $50 USD) gig bag for my bass with lots of padding and lots of storage space for cords and tools and junk! I like the Warwick bag, but it leave a little to be desired as far as storage. I need padding, and stoage. Suggestions?
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