1. O

    Want 5 String Triumph Eub Bass

    I am looking for a Triumph Bass in the 5 string version if possible. I am not looking for a Triumph Lite (they only have 4 strings anyway), but could consider a framus vintage 4 string triumph.
  2. W

    Vintage Archtop Acoustic Guitar (suspected Framus) Any Information Helps

    this guitar was my grandfathers, he purchased it 64 years ago from an Italian man, he said the Italian man also got it second hand. it has 'broadway' and 'johnny' stickers on it that my grandfather put there, the headstock had broken off and been glued back on, my grandfather said he hasn't...
  3. Hardy

    =the Framus Soulman Club - Say What???

    I bought my first Warwick in 2008 and instantly joined this forum. I read a lot about Warwick and ofc about vintage Framus basses in the last 11 years. I own a modified Framus Junior. But I can´t remember that I ever read anything about Framus basses made by Warwick? Now I found out that there...
  4. GrabtharsHammer

    Framus Cobra Potentiometer

    Hi guys, Can someone tell me the specs of the Framus Cobra potentiometers? Do they have metric or imperial threads (for example M7 or 3/8?)? And are the shafts metric (6mm) or imperial (1/4")? I am considering to buy a used Cobra and like to install Loknobs on all my gear. Before the purchase...
  5. Chris Reynolds

    Cr Demos: Framus Mayfield Legacy

    Framus Mayfield Legacy Vintage Sunburst. Another familiar style guitar from Framus. P90's and semi hollow, this one has a very vintage feel & tone to my ears. Killer, killer guitar! I can't make my mind up as to which one is my favorite....
  6. Chris Reynolds

    Cr Demos: Framus "the Blank T"

    This is a different take on a familiar shape. The finish is awesome. The sunken grey looks & feels great. Just a great guitar!
  7. Chris Reynolds

    Cr Demos: Framus Idolmaker 5'r

    I am blown away by how great these guitars play & sound. I can't decide which one is my favorite. This is definitely in the running!
  8. Chris Reynolds

    Cr Demos: Framus Panthera Supreme I I

    Hey guys & gals! I'm new to the forum and new to playing Framus guitars. I got a chance at NAMM to play some. I was impressed. My buddy JD over at Guitar Maverick sent me a few to check out and I really enjoyed the chance to play with a few of them for a few days. The fretwork is some of the...
  9. Sean Fairchild

    Combinator - Rock, Funk, And More By Horn-assisted Band, Fronted By Warwick Artist

    Hey all! My band put out this full length album independently earlier this year. Lots of good Warwick bassiness (in my own opinion). Hope you like it! allsound, by Combinator
  10. C

    Framus guitar need help identifying

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me identify an old Framus guitar I purchased? It dates as December 1963 (63L for year of production) has a serial of 51672 and looks like it says it is a 5/116 52 model but I can find nothing that looks like it on the web. It is an orange colour, has 4...
  11. A

    WTB: Bridge for vintage Framus 5/355

    I'm looking for a bridge that fits on the metal plate of this guitar. The body is plastic (or similar) - not wood - so I'm wary of drilling holes to attach a different style of bridge.
  12. S

    Sold! Framus Dragon

    Framus Dragon Head (owned by Uli Roth) - $1050 shipped to USA (no trades) Very good condition. Bought from Uli Roth's US tour manager here in Arizona. Comes loaded with a matched quad of Electro Harmonix EL34s and JJ 12AX7s. Great clean channel based on the Fender Bassman coupled with equally...
  13. S

    FS: Framus Dragon (owned by Uli Roth)

    Framus Dragon Head (owned by Uli Roth) - $1050 shipped to the US (no trades) Very good condition. Bought from Uli Roth's US tour manager here in Arizona. Comes loaded with a matched quad of Electro Harmonix EL34s and JJ 12AX7s. Great clean channel based on the Fender Bassman coupled with...
  14. A

    Framus Hollywood Custom

    I was looking for some advice re my Framus Hollywood Custom guitar. It was gifted to me whilst on tour by the UK distributors back in 2006 but has hardly ever seen the light of day since so I'm looking to sell it. It's in absolute mint condition so any help in terms of a approximate valuation...
  15. W

    FS: Framus Star Bass 5/150. 1964 Germany.

    Want to buy a Warwick fretless, so this has to go to contribute to that fund :P Price or Trade Value : £490 Model: 5/150 Serial Number: 22463 Made in Germany 1964. Same model range as those used by Bill Wyman. A lovely damage free example in high gloss cherry sunburst. There is age...
  16. R

    1969 Framus BL-10 #004 w/Fret inlay - *One of a Kind*

    This is a 1969 Framus BL-10 (Billy Lorento) with Ovation styled headstock and protoype Storm series fret markers. This guitar is #004 ever made of the BL-10 series guitar made in 1969. Neck is made of laminated wood and the body is solid mahogany. Guitar has a dark sunburst finish and is in...
  17. E

    Framus Dragon ST 412 Box gerade

    Hello. I'm selling my Dragon 412 Box. Crafted in 2005. buy now price: 490,- Euro or bid on my auction. Item location: 22848 Norderstedt (GER). Greets, -Marius
  18. J

    Does anybody know what this pre 1972 Framus guitar is?

    Does anybody know what kind of Framus guitar this is? What its worth? I got it used in 1972.
  19. Warwick Official

    The Warwick 360° virtual production tour now available!

    The Warwick 360° virtual production tour is now online! Besides our in-depth production videos seen on the Warwick YouTube channel ( ) you can now view all aspects of the facility in a virtual tour! Work your way from the Wood Storage area, to the main...
  20. H

    Pickups for old framus hollywood missing

    Hi I have purchased an old framus hollywood but its without the original pickups, and very trashed, is it possible to purchase the new pickups and what is the price, I have mailed germany twice, but gotten no ansver, could someone help mee. The first real guitar i played on was the read...
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