1. phunku

    How Much would this bass cost?!

    Hi Guys! right, as im lefthanded, i cant get this bass unless i order it. so i was wondering if you lot knew by estimate, (the pricing system confuses me on the pricelist!) how much this would cost if i ordered it, in pound sterling please lads! so kind! Warwick Basses Amps & Rock'n Roll...
  2. M

    Colored Flamed Maple AAA???

    Hi guys Just wondering how exactly does a Colored Flamed Maple AAA 3/8" over a swamp-ash back looks like? This custom option is listed as £136.00 which is the cheapest flamed maple warwick offers (and also friendly to my wallet!) So does anyone have pictures of this wood or better... on a...
  3. thndrstk6

    Is flamed maple softer than non flamed maple?

    I heard from a friend (who has a fairly trust worthy opinion) that the more flamed a piece of maple is the softer the wood is. He said that that's why a lot of people like the sound of vintage Gibson Les Pauls because they don't have the flamed top on them. I also noticed that Elrick uses a...
  4. D

    My 1st Custom! Lefty Flamed Thumb B.O. Fretless 5 Signed!

    All you Thumb players out there...How about a heads up on what I might expect from this beast? I ordered a Custom Shop Warwick with the following options; Signed by Hans Peter Wilfer Thumb B.O. 5 String Left Handed Fretless Unlined Ebony Fretboard Figured/Flamed Body MEC JJ Active P/U...
  5. Ian

    Does (Flamed) Maple fingerboard need a satin finish ?

    Hey chaps... It's all in the thread's title. If you look in the Custom Shop price list, you can read on the first page "it's better to have a finish on the maple fingerboard, to prevent the wood from an early"... Yeah but an early what ? The sentence is not complete ! So does (flamed)...
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