1. bassoctopus

    Cheap practise combo?

    I need a cheap combo for playing at home, won't be used for gigging or recording so no need to spend much. What are you guys using and how much did you pay?
  2. Andre Cabrita

    About CL Combo...

    Hello people, i wish for all the readers an excellent 2007. I'm kinda lost here... I need to search about a cabinet suited for the CL combo, but i forgot the name. I think it's already out of sale, but it's a possibility trying to find a used one. Could someone please remind me the name of that...
  3. Isa

    Amp/Cab or Combo for around $700

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking to upgrade my combo when my new Warwick Thumb arrives. I really want some good sound to play and practice with. But I still want to be able to run my iPod through the system for play-along; and still...
  4. J

    In your opinion whats the best 1 speaker portable combo

    I'm looking for a single speaker combo that's easily portable but has great sound. What are the opionions out there?? I played through the mesa boogie 1x12 scout and was very impressed...but at almost $1100 usd I want to explore my options. Thanks in advance.
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