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  1. tomb68

    Corvette Proline 5 demo video

    I like documenting my basses with a video demo. This one is freshly strung with D'Addario EXL220-5 strings. There isn't a ton of info on Proline's but I'm pretty sure the preamp is a bartolini and non-original. It is a 3 band pre and sounds great, the pickups are MEC; 18v setup and LOTS of cut...
  2. Stainless

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Std 5-made In Germany (ovangkol-wenge Neck)

    Hi, I am selling my Warwick 5 string Streamer STD from 2000. As i got a 5 String Fortress Bass, one 5 String bass is enough for me :) Especially the backside of the body got some scratches, he is definitely a player not a collectors item. The specs are: screwed neck: Ovangkol fingerboard: Wenge...
  3. Yesnikh

    Potential Thumb 5 Nt Pickup Issue

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Happy to be a part of the community now! I have come into owning an all original 1990 Thumb 5 NT(rad!) in pretty amazing shape for being 30yrs old. I've owned a few in the past(Corvette $$, Thumb B.O. 6), but this one'll be the lifer, caught my white...
  4. A.G.E.N.T.E.

    Streamer Vs Corvette Cutaway ... 24th Fret Acess

    Dear fellas, I´m planing to treat myself with a 5 string fretless, and i saw a nice deal with a Rockbass corvette 5. I´M having second thoughts because i also have a Rockbass streamer LX5, but the access to the 24th fret isn`t a easy task. This might be due to my hand size or shape, but i...
  5. Bademeister

    For Sale: Samick 5 String Fretless

    Dear fellow Warwick forumers, I doubt that I will sell this bass via this forum (no shipping…), but I thought you might appreciate the pics of a green polished bass with pink strings :-) Original ad is here: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/samick-5-string-fretless/1427109723-74-6184...
  6. Gregarious

    Want To Buy 90's Fortress 5 String (wenge Neck)

    Looking for a 90s warwick fortress 5 string with J/J pickups, wenge neck and fretboard, bell bronze frets, preferably in honey violin finish but open to others! All the best!
  7. lexefx

    Sold: Warwick Complete 5 String Hardware Set : Gold - $150 Obo

    I had a SSII that came with gold hardware (2006 switched in 2012). It's in decent shape, not new. I switched the whole bass to black hardware prior to selling it. This is a complete set, all the way down to pick up screws. I will post general pics soon. I will ship free to the CONUS...
  8. lucales

    Sold! (reserved) 2005 5nt Dolphin Pro 1

    SOLD. Hello everybody for some of you who knows a little about me, I'm back here after a long time... a long period of sickness... and I'm happy to come back, into music (my profession) and everything about it . So, I'll have to prepare an EU tour beginning summer 2018, and several other...
  9. T

    Perfect Case For Streamer Cv5

    Huge heavy flight case, have one. It's redicoulsly heavy. Soft rockbag, liked it, cat pissed on it, can't get smell out, no longer have cat ;) Looking for hard case that holds my streamer cv5 snug. What's it called, who makes it, send me links! Thanks!
  10. warthumb11

    Sold! Custom Shop Corvette $$5 Master Build

    $2,450 plus shipping $100 (with insurance) PayPal only For Sale is a limited run Bleached Blue Custom Shop Corvette $$5. This bass was purchased for a project that never happened. This bass is flawless, not a scratch on her. Very well balanced Warwick Corvette $$ Custome Shop masterbuilt...
  11. K

    5 string german Warwick in the bristol,weston super mare area

    Hi everyone im looking for a 5 string german warwick bass im primary looking for a streamer stage 1 but im happy to see what people have to offer, I also do not want to have to do postage and would rather do the sale in person im based in weston super mare but im happy to travel within reason...
  12. R

    Warwick Katana NT 5 (2009 made in Germany)

    Warwick Katana NT 5. 2009 made in Germany. It's one of the best-sounding 5-strings I have ever heard and one of the most comfortable ones :) Really don't want to let it go, but I'm selling most of my bass-guitar collection due to family needs and play mostly 4-strings. The cosmetics is great...
  13. KIWI_BA$$

    Warwick streamer ct (chrome tone) custom

    WARWICK STREAMER CT 5 STRING - CUSTOM. This stunning bass is coated in a Ferrari red chrome finish (including headstock,) and although I have tried to photograph it in various light conditions, the bass is best viewed in person to really appreciate it's unique finish. Without question, the best...
  14. B

    FS: Warwick Thumb 5 BO PS Fretless

    I want to sell my Warwick Thumb BO 5 Pro Series Fretless. It was bought in the Warwick online shop (WPS1225 10AA OVA FL -- PS Thumb BO 5 Natural High Polish fretless) in April 2013 for studio purposes but I never managed to give it the attention it deserves. It is in a very good condition...
  15. T

    2015 pro series streamer jazzman 5 string

    Is a "2015 pro series streamer jazzman 5 string" available? I search with no luck other than custom shop. I'm guessing those would cost me near $5,000 or more. Looking into the pro series (new ones) 2015 If you have any links to share etc please let me know. "2015 pro series streamer jazzman...
  16. B

    Warwick Streamer LX5 1999

    Price £750 + postage Selling my 1999 German made Warwick Streamer LX 5-string for £850. I just checked the current list price for this Bass and it is 3,994.65 Euros. It's in good condition as it has not been used for gigs. A few light marks on the finish. Stunning 2 piece flame maple...
  17. S

    Has anyone ever seen or own a 93 Warwick streamer 5 like this?

    i've only seen one 94 streamer 4 string with a P/J configuration, but nothing else like mine, so just wanted to know how many of these are out there. here are some pics Thanks to Hans Peter Wilfer for his swift response and amazing customer relations, here is some info of the beauty. Really...
  18. FNA

    FS: 1998 Warwick 5 String FNA w/ Bartolini Pickup & Audere Pro Z Preamp

    Hello Warwick fans, For those of us with TLDR syndrome, here the skinny: Asking USD$1000, no trades please. Prefer a local sale; I'm based in the Philadelphia, PA USA area. Sorry, not looking to ship internationally. Please send me a PM if you are interested. More pictures below...
  19. Eugene

    New Warwick 5 and 6 string Tailpieces

    Hello everybody, I've got two Thumbs NT, a 5 string from 1997 and a 6 string from 1996 (I also have a 4 string from 1990 but I got no problem with that one). I have the well-known issue with tailpiece slot for B string. I have tried several strings and actually some of them fit right, but...
  20. J

    Rockbass and Rockcase decisions

    Hi guys, Im new to this forum and have a question that someone might have previous experience with. I have just enough saved for the warwick rockbass corvette basic 5 string active that I have wanted for a long time and a case for it. My question is do either of the cases (RC10805B or RC...
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