1. L

    Serial number quandry

    Hi I am a bit puzzled about the serial number on my Warwick Fortress One. It starts with B and the last 2 digits are 05, which would indicate Feb '05? However, i assume the Fortress was long discontinued by then, so i was wondering whether the neck was from a different bass? I took the neck...
  2. J

    My serial number..

    Hello members, I am the proud owner of a warwick thumb 5! my FNA limited addition has a new buddy. I was wondering if anyone can help with the serial number,I did try to put it in the search box but it did not generate a date. The number is C 036333 97 maybe it's an old tank...
  3. CaryTheLabelGuy

    Thought you guys might like to know(Streamette serial info)

    Yo Fellas, What it is fam? As many of you probably know, the website has a new feature in "Support" section, that allows you to run Warwick serial numbers. So, i ran my 2001 Streamette's serial and this is what came back: Serial No.: D-083484-01 Article Code...
  4. Gastrok

    Serial Number Lookup tool

    Here's a nice little tool I just stumbled on while cruising the Warwick site: Warwick Basses Amps & Rock'n Roll
  5. basslines

    Warwick Thumb Serial

    Hallo liebe Leute, aus welchem Jahr stammt die Seriennummer M65789 ?? LG Marcus
  6. allthumbs

    Vintage Buzzard Serial Number

    OK, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I will soon be in possession of a vintage Buzzard 4-string. It has the original one-piece bridge. It will be here in a few days. It is painted (red); where will i find the serial number? BTW, it was apparently signed by Entwhistle at one...
  7. T

    serial or paralel

    Hello I need some info :) I have a profet 5.1 head and 2 wca211pro cabs, I have 1 speakon cable from the amp to de first cab and another speakon cable from the first cab to the secon cab, i need to know if this connection is in serial or is paralel, and if I can make another cable conection...
  8. B

    Little problem with my serial number

    Hello Warwickophiles :) I need your help with serial number of my bass. I search the forum and I know to how read it but there is one problem. My serial is: M25990 and we all know that the letter "M" is 13th so in what month my bass was made. It can't be fake. Thanks for help. Cheers :)...
  9. R

    Help me with my serial

    Hello everyone... well, yesterday i bought a Warwick Streamer 4 STD in second hand... i'm very happy with it, it has a great and round sound, and he is in great shape but i want to know when he was built. The serial is: G-064787-99
  10. schlobodan

    My new Stage 2 Cocobolo No Serial

    Today I received my new Bass. A custom Stage 2 ENJOY :-) Cocobolo Top, Swamp Ash Back, Wenge Neck with Azfelia Stripes, High Polish The Bass has no serial (which is very odd) and was bought from Warwick by Musikproduktiv at the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2000/2001. Maybe someone here...
  11. D

    06 Dirty Blonde Serial Number Question

    I searched on this one but not seeing an answer. I'm sure this one has to have been covered before so sorry in advance. My 2006 Dirty Blonde 4 string shows a serial number in two ways: > 2006/6/251 > J 006251 06 I'm trying to understand this serial number, how many were made, and...
  12. B

    Dolphin's serial number

    Is there any way to get information about a Dolphin with the serial number-G06465599? It's a custom of some sort: birdseye maple body, wenge neck, hipshot d-tuner. I just bought it, should arrive Friday.
  13. iuserneim

    humbucker-sound - parallel and serial

    hi. bought a corvette fna 5 a few days ago and was wondering if the humbucker coils are in series or parallel. anyhow: what's the difference in sound ? i'm thinking of adding a switch to allow me have both, just like the corvette $$, but on a single humbucker fna. if someone could...
  14. S

    Missing Serial #

    Hi, I'm new here... I've just bought a 2nd hand Vampyre SN, and I can't find a serial number on it anywhere. The FAQ suggests it should be on the back of the headstock, between the machines - but there's nothing there. (Holding it to the light, you can see the wood joins slightly through...
  15. schlobodan

    Odd Serial 90ies Streamer Stage 1 M-xxxxx

    Hi there, I own a Stage 1 with the serial M3146-90 It is solid black and the serial is hard to read but I still have the Bass Passport stating the serial (if one knows it in advance one can decipher the serial on the bass:-)) Moreover, the bass passport states Model 1264. I thought that...
  16. A

    Thumb 5 NT - Strange serial number

    Hello everybody! Who can tell me about this number It is not like "А(month)-xxxxxx-96(year)" Please, help me, because I ordered this bass
  17. LA_Kings_Fan

    Please Help, determining Serial # Warwick Streamer Stage I

    :?: I'd like to add the serial # to my post about selling my bass ... a 1989 {assume '89, year I bought it} WARWICK STREAMER STAGE I But I'm having a real difficult time making it out, the wood is dark and clear coat very heavy ... I was hoping maybe odominguez or one of you other guys...
  18. D

    serial number

    I am currently buying a used warwick streamer and I am wondering if there is away I can check the serial number that the bass comes with
  19. C

    Serial Numbers

    Hi Trying to find the serial number on my Warwick Thumb 5...... can't find it anywhere.... any ideas?? Crez5150
  20. S

    Mystery Thumb Serial Number?? - PLEASE HELP ME :-(

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum although I am a TalkBass Regular if anyone recognises my name. I have a 4 string NT thumb which I am having a struggle ID'ing. The serial number is not in the same X-####-YY format (x is month, a=jan etc and YY is year) as my 5 string bolt on...
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