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    Warwick Amp Cherry Popped!

    Holy Cow! I usually spend my time in the Bass forums, having been completely happy with my Mesa/Boogie 400+ that I have been using for years. As of November of 2009, I have become an official Warwick dealer through Hanser here in the USA. I bought about 5 of the new Profet heads to try and...
  2. B

    Lookie what just popped up.

    Hi. Look what I found: http://www.finn.no/finn/bap/object?finnkode=15435974&sid=xz7caburrmz184046&pos=null&tot=null Yea. Warwick SSII Price? 12 000 NKR. (1$ = 7 KR) The seller states it has a french walnut body and a ovangkol neck. I can see that's not true. That's a wenge neck and afzelia...
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    Look what just popped up on a norwegian second hand site:

    http://finn.no/finn/bap/object?finnkode=13486186&sid=xz5cabUAUkK771721&WT.svl=Link :O Any idea when it's from? I'll ask the guy, but in case he doesn't know
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