1. Genral Specific

    P-Nut I Signature #15/51

    What's up fellow Forum-rompers? Are there any P-Nut Signature players here? I took a spin at the Guitar Center here in Nashville today. One of my friends is a country artist and looking for a Telecaster. I walked into the bass section and saw a 5-string Jazzman Streamer on the wall. When...
  2. babebambi

    totally different type of P-NUT

    Japanese P-NUT :lol::lol:
  3. J

    How do the PNut basses sound compared to the SSIIs?

    I've seen a couple of PNut Model basses available recently and was wondering if anyone could tell me how they sound compared to the SSIIs? I know that the wood used for construction is slightly different and the pick up configuration is different. Do these changes make a noticible difference...
  4. McGee

    Pnut iii

    I didn't know PNUT III had LED inlays. (I'm sure his is the only one with these)
  5. McGee

    Pnut 3

    Anyone out there have a PNUT3 yet?!?!
  6. F

    P-Nut News!

    311. com has now been updated. Be sure to check out the News and Tour pages for updated info! Lots of Uplifter news, Spring Tour news, and Summer Tour dates have now been announced! More Music. More Shows. More Good Times Ahead.!!
  7. McGee

    PNUT II slap imitator

    These were recorded straight into my computer. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card. 1. "POW" Larry Graham 2. "Higher Ground" going for Fleas sound Just wanted to show how this bass can morph. Hopefully I will get some other styles up
  8. trujo777

    comparison of SS2, P-nut 1 and P-Nut2

    just wanted to get some info on the tone comparison of these 3 basses. i have been wanting a SS2 and have the opportunity to possibly get a P-Nut1 or Pnut2 and wanted to know how similar or diffferent they are among themselves. anyone?
  9. P

    Pnut 10 string?

    Okay so this may not be news because I'm sure alot of you guys have noticed this but if you go to the custom shop gallery and click on the Streamer 10 string, it says the customer is P-nut! I wonder if he will use this on the new album? Thoughts? oh and heres the link...
  10. boston asphalt2

    Fortress and PNUT II living in harmony

    sorry, I have NO IDEA why two of the pictures are still showing up sideways.....I fixed that in photobucket, but I guess it didnt work.
  11. Daywalker

    Question for P-Nut II owners..

    Anyone out there that own a P-Nut II regret buying it for any reason? Any tone issues, anything about the bass at all that you don't like? I'm trying to talk myself out of buying one, but I haven't found any good reasons yet. Give me some! Thanks... :lol:
  12. boston asphalt2

    =The P-Nut Club=

    this is a reincarnation of the original group I started that seemed to not make it very far. If you like nuts (NHS), play a P-Nut bass or intend to be getting one, post here! I will post a pic of my twin beauties soon enough once I move house. Can this get a sticky by chance?
  13. schlobodan

    P-Nut 2 Problems Fingerboard "comes off" :-(

    Hey guys, another P-Nut problem. the fingerboard starts to come off the neck:-( There is a gap betwen the 2nd and 5th fret. I will send in, the bass asap. I had wood lamination problem with my P-Nut 1 (at the body then) as well:-( It really is a bit annoying that basses in that...
  14. Son of Bovril

    PNUT Distortion

    Hi guys maybe you can help me resolve a problem I am having... My PNUT II sounds amazing in studio, but for some reason the other day, It seems to be sending a distorted signal to the desk? I've changed the battery and tried lowering the pickups but that doesn't seem to help? It is clean if I...
  15. Mr Praline

    Calling all P-nut owners! Sound question.

    So I have been interested in getting a P-nut II bass for quite a long time now. Unfortunately, the one available to me in Sweden is in horrible shape, setup, dead strings etc. Alas, it is hard to get a good idea of what tone it has. I can tell that it sounds powerful as hell, but I'd like to...
  16. McGee

    P-Nut II on eBay!

    First P-Nut II i have seen on the bay. oh, and its not mine
  17. Mike

    Pnut 1 vs Pnut 2 vs, vs,

    Hi guys, Due to much gassing over Streamer Jazzmans im now sidetracked into investigating the PNut basses. Mainly because I was thinking, hmmm a neck thru jazzman would be So I have not seen a Pnut 2 anywhere except at a guitar show. I have the opportunity to play a Pnut 1 here...
  18. boston asphalt2

    P-Nut Club

    This here is the P-Nut club. Post here if you have a p-Nut I or II bass (or both :D ). The rubric for figuring out member numbers is as follows: what number in the run is your P-Nut I? add that number to two times your number on your P-Nut II. BAM, voila! For example: if your P-Nut I...
  19. R

    p-nut series I

    Hi, just found a P-nut I in a shop and was wondering that there is no signature of H.P.Wilfer at the back of the headstock...because on the specifications of the bass on the web site they say he personally signed every single bass... Can somebody help me? Rob
  20. R

    p-nut experience?

    Hi, i will probably have the chance to buy a p-nut II, does anybody have comments on the playability and the sound of this monster? Thanks, Rob
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