1. M

    LED Lights - Questions

    Hello Guys! Quick questions on LED's. As I really wonder how it woukld turn out. How long does these LED's last? How do you replace these LED if they "spoiled" already? Do you advice to have LEDs on frets? Why or Why not? Would installation of these would affect the tone? Do you prefer using...
  2. Lex

    LED bass break!

    Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zS3hMTRFgQ
  3. MaxOnBass

    Vids of LED basses?

    does anyone have any links? I have seen only a few, including the Truth video.. and seriously drooling over the LEDs ;)
  4. Andhrimnir


    Hey, I thought I would just like to hear what you guys think about LED's. Since Im all into making plans, I use alott of time to work them out. What colors do you like the most? I am thinking of a black Vampyre, but having a hard time picking the color on the LED's. And I have seen pictures of...
  5. A

    Mute LED Sweet 15.2

    Hi ! First excuse my poor english, I'll do my best :) Here is my problem. I have a sweet 15.2 amp for a month, but now the Mute LED is always red (Yeah, I pushed the button, but without any result, it's still red even if the mute function is removed). So, no more sound... First I thought...
  6. FunkyMan

    LED's, Body & Logo!

    Greetings gentlemens! I had some quick questions that wanted to do, to finish polishing the details of my knowledge about our beautiful basses! 1) In a BO bass with LED's How passe the circuit cable from the body to the neck? I refer specifically when it comes to where the neck is bolted to...
  7. C

    Gain clip LED on Warwick Sweet 25.1

    Hi all, this seemed like a friendly and helpful place so ill try my luck here. i just recently bought a Warwick Sweet 25.1 and was looking at the getting started page, i'm up to the part where it says to adjust the gain control until the clip LED flashes. Having done this i didn't see the LED...
  8. Gmon3y72

    LED's and ideas....

    Hey guys, I'm currently waiting on a quote for a Streamer 5 $$ in turquoise Blue, Gold Hardware and White LED's Just curious as it doesn't state on the custom page (or I'm blind) But for those who have the LED option on your bass... can you switch them off? The answer seems obvious to...
  9. T

    LED inlays

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place where I can take my black Corvette Proline in for some LED inlays for the fretboard and the "W" on the my headstock. I live in Southern California and am interested in getting some for my bass. I know of Dana B. Goods, but maybe someone...
  10. T

    Led -lights on secondhand thumb?

    Hello, Friends! Posting my first post.. I bought a secondhand Thumb NT FL 5 -95. There are little round dots on the side edge of fretboard (on frets 1,3,5,7,9,12.. ). I guess these could be leds? How do ya normally turn them on? If broken, can these be fixed by luthiers in Finland...
  11. thommythom

    LED Side Markers Broken - Please Help!

    Hi, I learned of this forum from the December 2007 Bass Player magazine. I have a 1994 Thumb NT 5 fretless. 2 years ago I broke the trussrod (it appears I am not alone). I took the bass to an authorized Warwick repair shop, and, because of the nature of the break, the luthier had to remove...
  12. JanVanHove

    The WFSE Thumb NT 5, part 18, Led Color...

    Ok, we're getting Leds on our Thumb... What color shall they be?
  13. harerazor


    Is it possible to have red leds with the red flames? If so could they be red in colour before they are turned on? If anyone knows please let me know,cheers!
  14. harerazor

    warwick led's

    I've just been pricing up my custom buzzard and was shocked to hear how expensive the leds were considering people keep telling me that Warwicks are cheaper than Simsleds. For front only leds they are £593 and yet front and back will only cost me £618 , £25 more. Sims front only are only about...
  15. S

    W inlay LED

    any know of any shops in the uk who can put a LED in the W inlay in the headstock of my vette? also how much would i be looking to spend to have that done? thanks
  16. marcbass

    LED's on Bolt-on

    Anyone who knows if you can get LED's on a BOLT-ON bass? Since the cables go from the battery up the NECK.. :roll: :roll: :?: :?: :?:
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