1. Hoggles

    Rocksmith and Amplitube 4

    Happy Holidays everyone! Curious if any of you guys play the "game" Rocksmith 2014 on PC or console? Also if any of you use Amplitube for messin' around, recording sound clips or just getting utterly lost (in a great way) with the million or so possible sound combinations? I just picked up...
  2. LoerEnd

    What Game/s Are You Playing...ATM

    In an attempt of a much more nerdy and much less musically inclined version of Vuk's now famous "What are you listening to...ATM", I'd love to know if there are any hardcore (or otherwise) gamers around and what you guys have been feasting on lately. As for me...eagerly expecting the Xbox One...
  3. Florin

    Arcade games on Warwick forum :-)

    Hello guys, click here: Now let's see who can smack more rabbits than me? Florin
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