1. jako

    WA 600 : question compressor and LED gain

    hello, I have received my new amp warwick WA600 and I test it with the WCA211pro + WCA115pro and my Corvette $$ 5 string. I have 2 questions : I wonder what is the function of the LED near the knob GAIN? It stays always switched on green. If I boost the GAIN, I never seen this LED...
  2. C

    Gain clip LED on Warwick Sweet 25.1

    Hi all, this seemed like a friendly and helpful place so ill try my luck here. i just recently bought a Warwick Sweet 25.1 and was looking at the getting started page, i'm up to the part where it says to adjust the gain control until the clip LED flashes. Having done this i didn't see the LED...
  3. R

    Pro-Tube IV Gain knob

    Any one know how I can get a replacement Gain knob in the UK for my amp head? I left my band to put away my gear after a gig (bad move, I know) and the knob dis-appeared. It is the large knurled chrome variety Thanks in advance
  4. anghel

    gain adjustment on Tubepath

    hi, I'm a little confused .. how much can we push the gain up, considering that is a hybrid amp? if I use it at half level there is a green clipping every time I play the bass, but I can't get tube saturation (orange) if I do not turn the gain to almost maximum. In the amp manual it says...
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