1. Ronny

    Extreme 5.1 V.S. Trace Elliot AH500-7 V.S. Ashdown MK500 ??

    Anyone experience any of these amps... can you give your thoughts and advice? I love the Trace Elliot sound... but I can get a Warwick 5.1 xtreme for $500 right now. I also found an Ashdown MK500 head for $650. I was told these sound just like Trace and that Mark King is a BIG Trace...
  2. Ronny


    I'm thinking about buying a new head for my Dr. Bass speakers. 4x10 ported cab w/horn and 115 & 8" cab with horn. I have been using the Trace Elliot AH500-7 head for a while and find the compressor to be pretty noisy. Not sure if this is normal. I like tube amps but also like some...
  3. daniele

    Extreme poker

    Extreme Aussie? :shock:
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