1. W

    parkway drive

    hi guys i saw parkway drive last night a Australian metal core band and they were great if you like metal and you get the chance go see them it is fairly ruff but i myself got nocked out in the 3rd last song when the band told ever one to run in a big circle luckly someone draged me out and...
  2. B

    EBS Valve Drive

    Hi guys (and hopefully some girls too, if there are any on this forum... ) I haven't been posting much, but have read this forum a lot; and I have to say, it's been very useful and fun! But, the subject... I bought an EBS Valve Drive overdrive/preamp today, and even by a short test with my...
  3. joekickass

    Aint it drive you crazy !! Korea Marwick Thumb bass.......

    Look what I found! it is on Taiwan Yahoo, I saw a Dolphin like Korea bass but as funny as this!!! about US260......
  4. Mr Bassman Sax

    EBS Valve Drive

    Any one tried it? What do you make of it? I'm interested in buying one and I'm curious of other people opinions.
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