1. bassplayer22

    Compression! What's your secret?

    So I have been thinking about compression for a while and was curious to get yoour thoughts and trends when it comes to this subject, especially concerning the studio. I know what compression does, but I've never really heard anyone give me a straight answer when it comes to, "How much?"...
  2. JUZ

    compression pedal?

    do they exist? does anyone now if any good ones and are they expenxive? thanks heaps!
  3. Son of Bovril

    DBX compression settings

    Can someone please suggest some compression settings for a mudvayne type sound (tight slap and fingerstyle) with a DBX compressor? ie. fast attack and release with overeasy on etc.
  4. naetog


    Compression is "essential" said a friend of mine, but I'm not so sure. Doesn't a compressor take the dynamics out of everything??? I've been playing almost 7 years and I've never used one. The one on my amp is always off since I didn't like it when it was on that one time.....
  5. shut_up_you_***

    Problems with compression jacks leads on my Warwick

    Any you guys have connection problems with your Warwick going through compression jack leads, like Planet Waves? They seems also not to work with my Hohner B2V in active mode. I love the idea of compression jacks, as an embarassing moment on stage will testify! lol... but I've completely...
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