1. allthumbs

    The Warwick Factory Musseum / Collection

    I would love to see the Warwick factory collection of instruments. Are there photos posted of the entire collection, or possibly a link to a site that posts the collection in its entirety? allthumbs
  2. otto07

    New Warrior Bass to my Bass collection

    I just got another bass in my collection. A 2004 Warrior Signature Bass
  3. herb vibes

    startin' a useful collection! (including newest wick!)

    hey folks! want to show you my basses because the family has a new member since yesterday:d 1. 1989 thumb nt4 my first high end wick! sold a thumb bo and fender jazz for this beauty. keepin it real... still need a 4string;) it's my funkbass i still use it a lot to jam, teaching other bass...

    I wanted to add this Wal to my collection...

    For reasons that will be obvious, it didn't happen. But I thought even Warwick fans would appreciate the wenge facings... 2000 Wal 4 String Electric Bass Guitar Gorgeous - eBay (item 160323907460 end time Mar-31-09 17:05:14 PDT)
  5. Gman

    Bass collection - Reule's unshipped bass

    Ok, I've spoken to Jake and he's actually based in Brighton not Birmingham! Is there anyone in the Brighton area that can take the bass off Jake?? Maybe a Basschat member?? If anyone can help, Reule would really appreciate it. Cheers, Giles
  6. Andrew O

    The Florin Barbu bass collection

    You say quite abit about different basses you have, so, how many do you have? would you mind posting pics?
  7. schlobodan

    Have you seen the Entwistle Collection ?

    The Pics are from the Sotheby's auction 2003 enjoy!
  8. warwickhunt

    Warwickhunt's VINTAGE Warwick collection...

    Nothing newer than '91 if you are interested
  9. warwickhunt

    Warwickhunt's collection... make your selection!

    I'm having a Spring sale if anyone is interested!
  10. kevcooke

    Here's an obvious collection of Warwick clips! oder and a player who does the instruments justice! Not saying you guys don't.... Don't get me wrong
  11. JPT

    Thumb Nt Collection

    Thumb NT 6-string fretless, coromandel fingerboard (1993) Thumb NT 6-string, wenge fingerboard (1989) Thumb NT 6-string fretless, palisander fingerboard (1990) Thumb NT 6-string, wenge fingerboard (1991) Thumb NT 6-string fretless, ebony fingerboard (1991)
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